Why is the newborn baby crying at night?

Why is the newborn baby crying at night?

Oct 07, 2021XieYifang

A two-month-old baby keeps crying at night. Why?

If the baby is crying, it must be uncomfortable. First look for internal reasons.

Hungry, the baby's stomach capacity is very small, and she can't eat much at a time, so she won't cry as soon as she is fed.

Vitamin D deficiency. Two-month-old babies should always be taken out to bask in the sun. The lack of vitamin D will affect calcium absorption and make people irritable.

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Whether there is a cold, a baby’s cold is not so easy for an adult to feel. For example, if an adult has a headache and brain fever, in fact, others can't see any symptoms.

If the child often cries, check the child’s body to see if the neck, armpits, small buttocks, groin, etc. are pickled. These areas are not easy to ventilate. Maybe the baby is hot and sweats. If there is a timely bath, these areas It is easy to be red. Ours is called pickled. If the armpits are pickled, the red will sometimes crack. The child is particularly painful, so you need to apply some cooked sesame oil, and it will get better soon. So first check these places, it is very possible to pickle.

The intestines and stomach are indigestible, and the baby's digestion and absorption capacity is very weak. A little carelessness can easily cause indigestion, and the stomach is uncomfortable. Do not feed too much at one time and massage your baby frequently. If breastfeeding, the mother ate something cold. It is easy for babies to cause indigestion and abdominal pain. In this case, mothers should pay attention to diet. Take a warm salt packet to warm your child's stomach.

Intestinal colic, if the child cries a lot, the face will be flushed and the hands will be tight. The abdomen is swollen and tight. Can cry for several hours, it is likely to be colic. Be careful not to let the baby inhale air in the future. If there is a lump of gas in the intestines that can't get out, it will squirm in the intestines. Stand him up, pat his back, and pat his anger out.

External causes:

The temperature is relatively low at night, is it cold? The diaper was not changed. The diaper is wet and hot, so it must be uncomfortable.

Did you wash your body well? He must have felt uncomfortable if he didn't wash his body clean.

And the baby wants to sleep. Little babies cannot fall asleep when they want to sleep like adults do. Maybe there are too many noises at home, or there are too many guests, which makes him want to sleep. The baby's nerves are still very fragile.

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