The nutrition of your baby in the 2nd year

The nutrition of your baby in the 2nd year

Aug 24, 2021XieYifang

After their first birthday, most children can sit, stand up and maybe even walk on their own. They can make themselves known in their own way when they are hungry or thirsty. The first teeth are also shining through or are already there. This means that the little ones are no longer dependent on milk food. Now at the latest, your little one should have a permanent place at the family dining table.

Healthy nutrition gives your little one the energy they need to play and move. Children who have a varied and wholesome diet usually develop well. Important nutrients and vitamins support your immune system. In the 2nd year of life there are a few important rules for a healthy diet:

"Colorful" food: a variety of plant-based foods
Full of energy: Whole grain products, pasta, bread and grains are powerful sources of energy; This carbohydrate group contains important ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids
Only in moderation: foods of animal origin such as meat, fish and eggs contain important minerals such as iron and various A, D and B vitamins; but should only be on the table once or twice a week
For the bones: dairy products and plant-based calcium suppliers cover daily needs; Be careful with fruit quark and other ready-made dairy products, they contain too much sugar.
3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit daily (1 serving is roughly the size of your own fist)
Avoid water and unsweetened fruit and herbal teas, sweetened drinks such as cola and lemonade

Depending on how big and active the children are, they need different amounts of calories. You can tell whether your little one is doing well by whether it is active, satisfied and healthy. You can also find out how your child is developing during the regular check-ups.

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