The role of whey protein powder

The role of whey protein powder

Oct 27, 2021XieYifang

The food refers to a pure whey protein product that is directly extracted from milk and belongs to a natural, no-added pure whey protein product. It is recognized as an important source of protein supplements and is known as the "King of Protein". As a kind of whey protein product, whey protein powder contains extremely high protein, which can be greatly absorbed by the human body, and it is also rich in a variety of amino acids required by the human body. Because of its high purity and high absorption rate, it is favored by people.

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Nutritional ingredients of whey protein powder

There are four main nutritional components of whey protein powder, namely α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, and immunoglobulin.

1. Alpha-lactalbumin

It is worth noting that this ingredient is the only one that can combine calcium and metal. It is rich in amino acids and branched-chain amino acids needed by the human body, especially in terms of its proportional structure, functional properties, etc., lactalbumin is very similar to human milk. It is also common in infant formula milk powder, which is very healthy and beneficial. α-lactalbumin can also prevent cancer.

2. β-lactoglobulin

For fitness people, β-lactoglobulin can effectively shape the body. In terms of the ratio of amino acids, it contains the best ratio and also rich in branched chain amino acids. It can also promote protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown.

3. Lactoferrin

For bacteria, it can play a good role in destroying and inhibiting, and at the same time, it can promote the growth of normal cells. Studies have found that lactoferrin also has anti-oxidant characteristics and improves human immunity.

4. Immunoglobulin

Its rich immune activity can have a good effect on the body's immune system. For example, it can enter the proximal small intestine of the human body and protect the small intestinal mucosa.

The role of whey protein powder

1. Improve the repair ability of the human body. Regular consumption of whey protein powder can well promote the body's metabolism, allowing cells to obtain sufficient oxygen and various nutrients.

2. Improve the body's immune system and help fight germs and infections. While improving immunity, people will also become healthy and less likely to get sick.

3. Provide amino acids needed for body metabolism. There are rich types of amino acids, daily consumption will make people young and not easy to age.

4. Help the body's water and electrolyte balance. Regular consumption makes people less fatigued.

5. Provide the enzymes needed by the body's chemical reactions. Consumption of whey protein powder can improve gastrointestinal function.

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