What kind of puree is good for babies?

What kind of puree is good for babies?

Oct 27, 2021XieYifang

Under normal circumstances, the baby can be used after four months of birth. At this time, children need more nutrition. Breast milk alone can no longer meet their physical needs. Parents must look for more appropriate ingredients to enable their children to grow better. Then, the food added at this time is called complementary food. Most of these foods are liquid food, such as the brewing of cereals, egg yolk and orange juice, and the recommended fruit puree here.


1. Apple

Apple is a very common fruit in life, and its nutritional value is very high. Apples are mild in nature. Therefore, apples are a good choice for children with weak gastrointestinal function and can treat the symptoms of indigestion. The most important thing is that apples contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and fruit acids that can meet the needs of babies. Bacteria in babies’ mouths can cause tooth decay or gingivitis, which always bother mothers. The effective substances in the apple can help kill the bacteria in the baby's mouth. Not only that, it also effectively prevents the baby's rickets in advance. The mother can also mash it into puree and feed it to the baby after warming up. In addition, it can also treat indigestion.


Mothers have always thought that bananas are used for laxative bowel movements. Only when babies are constipated, are they willing to make banana puree for babies to help them lax. In fact, this common fruit is also very nutritious. It contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins, which are beneficial to children to improve their appetite and at the same time enhance their resistance.

3. Papaya

Many mothers know little about papaya. Its solid wood melon has a good taste. By feeding papaya puree, babies can get rich VC and dietary fiber.

4. Cantaloupe

If it's hot summer, mothers might as well give babies a try cantaloupe puree. If your baby has bad breath, don’t panic, cantaloupe can help alleviate this problem. Of course, the iron contained in cantaloupe can also help mothers solve the problem of baby anemia. Not only that, the protein, dietary fiber, carotene, and vitamins it contains also play a very important role in the growth and development of children.

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