These four reasons will cause the baby to fart more

These four reasons will cause the baby to fart more

Aug 14, 2021XieYifang

Why do babies always fart? The baby's longing to fart may be due to gastrointestinal abnormalities. For example, the baby's food accumulation or indigestion can easily lead to excessive farting. If the fart is accompanied by a sour smell, it may be caused by indigestion. Parents should pay attention to regulating their diet.

Farting is a normal phenomenon. Everyone farts. The same is true for babies. There are also farts. Some mothers find that their babies are always farting. They can hear the baby's farting constantly. They want to alleviate this. Phenomenon, we must first understand, why the baby always fart?


1. Baby farting is a normal manifestation of the intestinal tract, indicating that the digestive system is working. A good digestive system means that the baby's absorption is very good, which also means that the baby's body is growing well. Mom can rest assured of this phenomenon and don't worry too much.

2. Due to the immature development of the baby's gastrointestinal system, the baby's intestinal peristalsis is not coordinated, and it is easy to cause flatulence, the stomach will be gurgling, and there will even be a lot of farting.

3. If the baby enters some air while feeding, the gas will be expelled through farting. This phenomenon is also normal. If the baby does not fart, or if the fart is too smelly, it is a normal phenomenon.

4. When the baby is farting a lot, it is accompanied by a sour smell, which indicates that the baby's gastrointestinal tract is indigestion. The mother should pay attention to reducing breastfeeding to the baby. At the same time, they can also feed the baby some boiled water and reduce the intake of fat. And foods with high protein content, some babies with complementary foods can also eat some fruits and vegetables appropriately.

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