How to educate children to develop good study habits?

How to educate children to develop good study habits?

Aug 14, 2021XieYifang

How to educate children to develop good study habits? Cultivate children's good study habits from an early age, and parents must make a good study plan for their babies and strictly implement them. So, what are the points to develop children's good study habits?

1. Cultivate interest in learning.

It is a big problem for children with weak willpower to be interested in all the learning content and learn easily. Cultivate children's broad interest and mobilize children's will to participate in activities. Parents should strive for children to have a strong interest in most courses. Guidance is undoubtedly the most important. With novel stationery and witty explanations, parents can use tricks to cultivate children's interest in learning.

2. Give appropriate rewards.

Younger children prefer to play. In contrast, learning is much boring. If parents let their children learn about the joy of learning, they will naturally join in. The exchange of roles between teachers and students, small competitions, small competitions, rewards for books and stationery or telling children texts like storytelling. Let the children participate, and at the same time learning, they can also have fun.


3. A detailed study plan.

To cultivate good study habits is to persist. A detailed plan is best to be made by the child under the advice of the parent and supervised and executed by the parent. Remember that your study plan should not be too strict, and you should also allow time for entertainment. Children love to watch TV. You can skip cartoon time when making plans, which can make it easier for children to accept. If things go on like this, not only can they cultivate good study habits, but they can also cultivate the will and quality of the children to do things to the end.

4. Close communication with teachers.

Parents should communicate with teachers more about their children's performance in school. Adjust your children's learning status in time, and don't be stingy with your praise and rewards when your children are outstanding. And also encourage him to participate more in school and class-organized activities, help teachers do more things within their ability, and enthusiastically help students with poor studies, etc., which not only enhances learning motivation but also exercises children's abilities.

5. Persistence is the most important.

Psychology tells us: the temporary neural connection formed by the new conditioned reflex is always unstable before it grows "fixed"; and the neural connection formed by the old conditioned reflex is always "fixed" before it completely collapses. The instinct of returning. Therefore, the formation and change of study habits cannot be slackened in the slightest until a complete victory is achieved. Continue until the bad habit falls apart and the good habit becomes deep-rooted.

Good study habits, let children develop from an early age. Firm confidence, tenacious enthusiasm and perseverance will naturally develop. A good study habit will benefit your child for life. The famous Russian educator Usinsky said: "Good habits are the capital that people store in their nervous system. This capital is constantly increasing in value, and people enjoy its interest throughout their lives." But bad habits. It is: "Debt that cannot be repaid morally. This kind of debt can torture people with ever-increasing interest, paralyze his best pioneering work, and bring him to the point of moral bankruptcy. Please all parents to help their children develop good Your child’s learning habits will make progress together with your child.

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