Toddler language enlightenment

Toddler language enlightenment

Oct 13, 2021XieYifang

Many parents hope that they have a baby who can talk and talk. But we must first know that the baby's language ability is not innate, it is acquired through constant imitation and learning. Therefore, parents must become the best language teachers for their babies, starting from the birth of the baby.

As babies grow up day by day, they watch people around them talking and laughing, and they are eager to communicate with the outside world quickly. Through language enlightenment, the baby can learn about the world from it, which is an important step for the baby's future learning.

0-6 months is the first sensitive period of baby's growth. In addition to the peak period of rapid physical growth, this period is also the peak period of baby's brain growth. To seize this critical period of life and let the baby's body and intelligence get excellent development, it is necessary to provide the baby with rich and diverse external stimuli. If you want to develop the baby's language skills, parents must often speak to them and respond to the sounds they make. One of the most important tasks for parents as children’s enlightenment teachers is to let babies learn to understand and use language.

Too quiet in infancy, lack of vocabulary at 2 years old, incomplete sentences at 3 years old, slurred speech, obvious errors in speaking after 5 years old, abnormal rhythm, speed or intonation... If the problem does not cause The mother's high attention may cause the child's slow response to language and voice, and it is difficult to learn compared with other peers. After going to school, it is easy to behave as abide by the classroom discipline, but it is easy to be distracted, make small movements, and have a little understanding or remember the lessons taught by the teacher.

Baby can't speak

The development of each baby has its own individual differences, and the development of the language system is also the same. Some of them are early and some are late, but if the child is two and a half years old and still cannot speak or does not have any communicative language, parents must consider whether the child is a physical problem-developmental delay. Language developmental delay refers to children's verbal expression or language comprehension abilities caused by various reasons that lag behind the abnormal development level of children of the same age.

1. Intellectual retardation (ie mental retardation):

Generally speaking, normal babies will imitate voices when they are 7-8 months old. They will call mom and dad at about one year old, they can say a dozen words at one and a half years old, can understand simple instructions, and ask simple questions at about two years old. , I can basically express my thoughts at about 3 years old. Those who are four or five months behind, or even 1-2 years behind, have these performances, which should be regarded as signs of mental retardation.

The results of the study show that children with lower IQs have worse speaking skills. Some children with an IQ lower than 50 cannot even develop the necessary speaking skills, while children with mild mental retardation have other cognitive deficits in speaking ability, which can be known after a diagnostic intelligence test.

Treatment method: For children with mental retardation, speech intervention can be conducted according to the degree of mental retardation. Even if children with severe mental retardation, they should be encouraged to use postures and gestures to express their needs and learn the skills of simple communication with others.

2. Developmental language disorder:

This is more common in preschool children. Foreign surveys have found that among children between 2.5 and 12 years old, 6% of them speak abnormally, and the incidence of boys is twice as high as that of girls. According to statistics, the symptoms of such children are as follows:

①Receptive language disorder

Children can hear sounds, but often do not respond to words, cannot understand simple commands, and cannot act according to the language requirements of others. Those with expressive language impairments have good language understanding, but poor expression skills.

②Developmental language disorder after school

Children often have obvious learning difficulties. I don't know what others mean, and I can't tell what I mean. The age at which I speak is much different than ordinary people. Once I can speak, my pronunciation is inaccurate, vocabulary is poor, sentences are simple, and there are many mistakes. And the main aspect of learning is reading difficulties, especially children with sensory language disorder have poor reading ability, often accompanied by calculation difficulties, and often need special education.

③Behavioral problems

After school age, these children often have behavioral problems such as anxiety, withdrawal, short attention span, hyperactivity, or delinquency due to learning difficulties and language expression difficulties when interacting with classmates. Usually such children have normal intelligence, normal visual perception and visual space perception, and normal internal language development. They are consistent with normal children in completing some creative games, paintings, and music. But they often cling to a topic and talk endlessly, completely ignoring the reactions and expressions of people around them, and have no skills in answering and talking to others.

treatment method:

Those with expressive language disorders: mainly for special language training without medication. People with expressive language disorders can gradually acquire language skills with age without treatment. The point is to train your baby to imitate other people's speech.

People with perceptual language impairment: The general language is poor. After special training, children with mild symptoms recover better; for severe children, the effect is poor, and those with severe hearing loss are almost impossible to cure. The training focuses on language understanding, auditory memory and auditory perception.

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