The pros and cons of education of grandparents to children

The pros and cons of education of grandparents to children

Oct 12, 2021XieYifang

The benefits of education of grandparents to children

1. The elderly have enough time to take care of their children

Parents of grandparents have a lot of time and energy to take care of their children's life and study so that their bodies and minds can thrive.

2. The mentality of the elderly is more peaceful

Parents of grandparents have richer life experiences, their mentality is relatively more peaceful, and their life experience is richer. Therefore, when dealing with children's problems, they can be more sensible and calm, so that children can grow up in a better state.

3. Have a wealth of parenting experience

Grandparents used to be parents. They have successfully raised a generation and have rich experience in raising and educating children. A wealth of practical experience makes them more accurate in the physical and psychological characteristics of the child at all stages, which provides a guarantee for the healthy growth of the child.

4. Solve the worries of young parents

The grandparents' love for their grandchildren is full of love. This love provides the best psychological support and sense of security for the baby. The help of the grandparents can make the parents work wholeheartedly without worries.

5. Inherit the excellent cultural traditions

The parents of the grandparents retain the traditional Chinese culture and virtues, so they can better pass on the traditional culture to their grandchildren. Intergenerational education allows children to not only obtain the educational achievements of advanced culture, but also to inherit traditional culture and fine virtues.

6. Increase the intimacy of grandparents

This kind of inter-generational education can give grandparents and grandchildren more time to get along, so that the grandparents and grandchildren can better communicate emotions.

7. Fill in the lack of affection for children

For single-parent families, the intervention of the elderly in the children's education can not only make up for the blank of the children's motherly or fatherly love, but also provide them with gender imitation objects, so that the children can grow more healthily.

Disadvantages of intergenerational education

1. Excessive indulgence hinders growth

Under inter-generational education, the elders usually have a mentality of compensation, and will "enhance the love" that their children did not receive in the past and give their grandchildren to grandchildren. The excessive love and attention of grandparents to their children made it difficult for children to develop independent personalities.

2. Deprivation of interaction, lack of emotion

Parents play an irreplaceable role in the growth of children. Although there is the love and care of grandparents in intergenerational education, it also deprives children of many opportunities to interact with their parents.

3. Cause conflicts and lead to estrangement

In this kind of education, children are usually indulged and spoiled by their grandparents, and then they develop many life habits. Therefore, when dealing with parents, there are often conflicts between parents and children, and children are prone to antagonistic emotions. This kind of antagonism is not conducive to maintaining a good relationship between parents and children. When there is a conflict, the child tends to withdraw to the grandparents. If things go on like this, it is inevitable that grandparents will cause family conflicts due to different concepts in educating children.

4. Backward ideas hinder development

After all, grandparents, grandparents and grandparents are old, and their educational concepts cannot keep up with the trend of the times, which is not conducive to the psychological development of children. When raising children, the grandparents may improperly restrict the children's various exploration activities or make improper demands on the children, so that the children cannot develop a complete personality.  

5. Too old and stress doubles

The grandparents were older, and their energy and physical condition were not satisfactory. When raising children, it is difficult to meet the needs of children. On the contrary, children accept new things very quickly. As they grow older, their autonomy and exploratory nature will increase. Parents of grandparents will find it difficult to cope, and they will inevitably have to bear additional psychological pressure and burdens.

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