What are the breast milk formula milk powders?

What are the breast milk formula milk powders?

Sep 13, 2021XieYifang

When the mother's breast milk is not enough for the baby, the parents need to choose a formula milk powder for the baby. However, the parents feel a headache when faced with the many brands of formula milk powder. In fact, everyone should have such a standard when choosing milk powder, that is, choose milk powder close to breast milk formula, then what are the breast milk formula milk powders? Here are some recommended breast milk formula milk powders for everyone.

Nobelin infant formula milk powder from the Netherlands is a milk powder that is close to breast milk formula. Nobelin infant formula milk powder belongs to a period of milk powder, which is more suitable for babies 0-6 months old. The beneficial organisms in the milk powder are combined to promote intestines The growth of Dao probiotics increases the baby’s resistance and lays the foundation for the baby’s healthy development.

Yashili a golden infant formula milk powder is also developed according to the characteristics of the baby. The nutritional formula of milk powder is very close to breast milk. The milk powder contains various nutrients such as protein, vitamins, calcium and iron, and Yashili a golden infant formula milk powder is special Added with important substances such as lutein, AA, DHA, prebiotics, etc., it is a nutritious milk powder carefully prepared by maternal and child experts for babies.

Parents should know that the raw material of milk powder is animal milk, so the milk source is related to the quality and quality of the milk powder. No matter if the technology develops, the difference in the milk source still exists. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the milk source when choosing milk powder.

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