Novice mothers need to master the skills to coax their babies to sleep

Novice mothers need to master the skills to coax their babies to sleep

Sep 14, 2021XieYifang

Too Bao’s mother said that the biggest headache for her is that her child has difficulty sleeping, and she also eats melons and stays up at night, which is simply the main cause of her depression.

In fact, for a pair of novice parents, a good sleep is not only for the mental health of the mother, but also a very important part of the brain development of the babies. We need to master milk in the traditional sense. To sleep, hug, and shake to sleep, you also need to master certain sleeping skills to help your baby establish good sleep habits, so that the family can enter a good sleep habit.


Before solving this problem, let's first understand why the baby has difficulty falling asleep. After finding the reason, the child's problem will be solved.

1. Lack of trace elements

When our baby's body lacks calcium and vitamin D, it will cause the child's blood calcium to decrease, lead to the excitement of the brain and its autonomic nerves, and promote the baby to be extremely excited. It is very sleepy at night and it is difficult to fall asleep.

2. Poor sleeping environment

For babies whose bedroom temperature is too high, too low or noisy, it’s normal for them not to fall asleep. Even adults will have poor sleep quality, but the little guy won’t say it and can only rely on outsiders to guess if Mom and Dad couldn't guess, they cried and cried that night, anyway, they couldn't sleep.

3. Wrong feeding habits

Many mothers are always hungry. They worry that their children will be hungry too late at night. So, ignoring that the baby is asleep and asleep, they wake up the baby to feed.

Hey, the long-term effects have caused the child to stop breastfeeding and wake up in the middle of the night. If I wake up, if I can’t sleep, my mother will complain that we are ignorant and come to collect debts. The baby is really wronged. It was clearly raised by the mother. Such a bad habit.

4. Poor digestion in the stomach and intestines

If the baby eats too much before going to bed, or has indigestion problems, the baby will not fall asleep due to food accumulation and lower abdomen discomfort.

5. The normal state of newborns

It is also normal for newborns to be unable to fall asleep smoothly due to milk love. Okay, we have found the reason, let us crack them one by one, and start to coax the baby to sleep correctly:

Coping method 1: See the timing and put the baby to sleep in time

When we find that the child’s eyes are sluggish and he is not very interested in the surroundings, it may be that the child is sleepy. Now it feels like coaxing the child to sleep. Don’t delay and don’t take the child to lively places.

Coping method 2: Create an environment suitable for children to sleep

Dim the room where the child sleeps, and pay attention to prevent noise. If conditions permit, it may also cooperate with playing hypnotic light music. Alright, the baby is asleep, now let's put the baby down! pause. Be careful when you put your baby into the crib. The baby wakes up most easily now.

Put your waist and hips first, then your head. With the other hand, lightly pat the child's body, and the parent's body should be closer to the baby's body. It is also possible to cooperate with the mother when speaking softly, the whole movement is light but smooth and clean.

If you feel that the skills of putting your child are too cumbersome and cumbersome, you can also directly borrow a shaker or stroller when coaxing your baby. This can avoid putting the child in the bed.

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