You have to try something on every device

You have to try something on every device

Jul 27, 2021XieYifang

Milk warmer without water

Bottles and baby food warmers that use special light technology to heat baby bottles and jars are still new on the market: heating food gently by infrared radiation. This type of equipment is particularly hygienic and easy to clean, because no scale remains in the equipment. However, they usually take longer to warm up than using the classic method in a water bath.

Perhaps this is why, from our tests, the only baby bottle heater on the market that uses this technology to heat is now used.

Other baby food warmers almost always work like a water bath: pour in water, put a bottle or jar into the bottle warmer, and then turn it on. Most bottle warmers will keep heating until the end of the set time. Others shut down at a predetermined temperature.

This means that the temperature of the heating plate, or at best, the temperature of the water in which the bottle is located, not the temperature of baby milk or baby food! The temperature of the food in the bottle after the heating time depends on the temperature at the beginning of the heating process and its consistency: cold products in the refrigerator naturally require a longer heating time than indoor products, and the water heats up faster than a bowl of porridge.

Water-Free bottle Warmer

What to consider when buying?

The milk warmers we tested are almost all similar in terms of basic equipment. Some provide additional functions, such as a defrost function or an additional adapter for the car.

One of the most important aspects is the width of the bottle rack. Because the milk warmer can still be used for small children-for example to prepare a glass of milk, tea or cocoa. But especially baby bottles vary greatly in size and width-not all bottles are suitable for every bottle warmer.

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