Do you need a baby food warmer? Bottle warmers are practical helpers

Do you need a baby food warmer? Bottle warmers are practical helpers

Jul 27, 2021XieYifang

If you want to give your baby or toddler perfectly tempered and gently warmed milk, drinks or porridge, you are well advised to purchase a bottle warmer.

Critical voices may now say "It didn't exist in the past" or "You can warm up with water in a pot". And that's true too. Nobody absolutely needs a baby food warmer. But whoever has used one will never want to be without it, because it is simply practical and uncomplicated - and saves energy on top of that.

Baby milk should ideally be 37 degrees Celsius for consumption. You can get a temperature like that very quickly and pretty accurately with a bottle warmer. If you warm the milk bottle in a water bath, however, the milk is often too hot and has to cool down for a few minutes before it has reached the desired temperature. And mothers know that just two minutes with a hungry child can feel like an eternity.

3 Minutes bottle warmers

The bottle and baby food warmer is like a dishwasher: if you don't have one, you can be sure that you don't need one either. But once you've used one, you don't want to do without it anymore.

I speak from experience because I haven't used a bottle warmer in a long time. I warmed the bottles in a water bath and later the porridge in the microwave, but only very briefly and very reluctantly. When I bought my first - at the time still very simple - baby food warmer, I was immediately enthusiastic and could no longer imagine a life without it.

Today the selection of bottle and baby food warmers is huge. Analog or digital, with a defrosting function, with a warming function, with water or with light, with an adapter for the car and much more. There is the right device for every taste and every situation in life.

Baby food warmers are small and compact, so the devices can actually be used and connected anywhere. It doesn't have to be in the kitchen. If you don't want to go to the kitchen at night, the milk bottle can also be prepared in the evening and then warmed up in the bedroom or bathroom within a few minutes. Since most bottle warmers are very quiet, nobody is disturbed.

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