Advantages and features of nose cleaner products

The nasal aspirator is a nose cleaner that helps babies clean their nasal mucus and can breathe smoothly. At present, there are mainly three kinds of artificial nasal aspirators on the market, namely spherical pump nasal aspirator, syringe pump nasal aspirator, and a mouth-suction nasal aspirator. Two types of suction heads are available for different suitability. Age baby, gourd type: newborn babies suck the nose, and the fit is not yet fully developed, suitable for 0-2 years old babies. Funnel type: children suck the nose, easy to penetrate the nasal cavity, suitable for 2-8 years old babies. The electric nasal aspirator consists of a host, a suction head, a collection cup and a charging cable. When in use, the suction head touches the outer edge of the nostril, and the main body produces suction, which uses the principle of negative pressure to suck out the nasal secretions. The special nasal aspirator for babies, its materials, angles and dimensions are specially designed for babies, and its curvature It will make the baby feel more comfortable, the round head will not hurt the skin, and it will be easy to clean.

Baby Nose Cleaner

product advantages

1. The pressurized chamber prevents backflow. Don't worry about the nasal mucus sucking backwards.

2. Independent pressurized chamber, one-way air intake, to prevent nasal mucus secretions from sucking back, a safer way of inhaling the nose.

3. Experienced design sense of sleek body.

4. Concise, smooth and round body, stable holding and comfortable hand feeling.


1. Not only sucking the nose, but also a good helper when spitting up milk.

2. The nasal cavity is uncomfortable after spitting up milk, so suck up the milk in the nasal cavity.

3. The structure of the electric nasal suction device is composed of a host, a suction head, a collection cup, and a charging cable.

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