How to properly clean the nasal cavity of the baby?

1. Use a nasal aspirator

If the secretion in the baby's nasal cavity is not sticky, mothers can try to use a nasal aspirator for the baby. Gently put the nasal aspirator into the baby's nasal cavity, loosen the soft sac to suck out the dirt, and repeat it several times until it is clean.

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2. Use a special cotton swab stick

Cotton swabs for adults generally have a relatively large head, while babies’ nostrils are small, so they are not suitable for use. To clean the nasal cavity of your baby, you should go to the hospital or maternal and child store to buy a special baby cotton swab. The tip of this cotton swab is relatively small and the hygiene standard is relatively high. It is safer to use for the baby.

3. Use special tweezers

If you want to use tweezers to clean your baby's nasal cavity, use special tweezers. Try the baby safety tweezers sold on a treasure, which are easy to use and not easy to damage the baby's nasal mucosa. Remember to wash and dry after each use.

4. Clean up while the baby is asleep

In order to better clean the nasal cavity of the baby, mothers can play freely while the baby is asleep.

5. Cannot clean the nasal cavity excessively

The nasal mucosa is composed of secretory cells, and the secretion will be more vigorous after being over-stimulated. A mother who often cleans her baby's nasal cavity may find that the more frequently she cleans her baby's nasal cavity, the more secretions there will be in her baby's nasal cavity. This is caused by over-cleaning.

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