Precautions for using nasal aspirator

1. Before inserting the soft mouth into the baby's nostrils, the rubber pump must be compressed. If the rubber pump is compressed after the soft mouth is inserted into the nostril, it may cause damage to the nostril membrane.

2. If there is suppuration, scars, or nosebleeds in the baby's nasal cavity, avoid using a nasal aspirator.

3. Do not insert the nasal tube forcefully into the baby's nasal cavity.

4. Don't pull the straw forcibly, and don't poke it with sharp instruments.

5. Before each use and at the end of use, carefully clean the nasal aspirator, and assemble and store it in time after drying.

Baby Nose Cleaner

6. It can be sterilized by boiling, liquid medicine, microwave oven, etc.

7. Keep it out of the reach of children.

When should I use a nasal aspirator?

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