What effect does eating mildly spicy foods during breastfeeding have on children?

Most mothers know that during breastfeeding, they should pay attention to any food they eat, because the food they eat will be passed on to the baby through breast milk. Many mothers have no appetite because they have not eaten spicy food, so many mothers are asking if they can eat a little spicy during breastfeeding. What effect does eating mildly spicy food during breastfeeding have on the child?


1. Getting hot: Chili is a hot food. The food eaten by the mother during lactation will be transformed into milk and transmitted to the baby. The hot components contained in the milk will be absorbed by the baby, because the baby's ability to adapt to irritating food is relatively weak. , It is very likely to have problems such as getting angry, red eyes, mouth ulcers, etc. In severe cases, it can also cause constipation in the baby. electric breast pump

2. Skin allergies: The breast-feeding baby has poor adaptability. When irritating foods such as pepper are carried into the body, the skin will be red and itchy at first. In severe cases, skin problems such as eczema will also occur.

Generally speaking, the food consumed by breastfeeding mothers will be directly converted into milk, so it is recommended that mothers during lactation should pay attention to the dietary pattern. It is not suitable to eat salty and high-fat foods, and tea and coffee are not recommended because of these. Food contains caffeine and other substances, which can affect your baby's sleep through milk. Of course, breastfeeding mothers should not drink alcohol, and at the same time, they should try to avoid cold drinks and crabs to prevent the mother and baby from having diarrhea.

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