4 items that can protect your baby when learning to crawl

4 items that can protect your baby when learning to crawl

Oct 09, 2021XieYifang

Xiao Zhang saw the parenting book saying that the baby can start learning to crawl after 5 months. And Xiao Zhang’s baby is about to be five months old, so she is now preparing the items that the baby will use when learning to crawl, to help the baby learn to crawl quickly, and to ensure the safety of the baby during the crawling period. But Xiao Zhang took two days and didn't make up his mind to prepare anything, because it always felt as if everything was needed. So let us see, when the baby learns to crawl, what is the most important thing parents need to prepare for the baby?


1. Pure cotton home service

The baby's crawling period is mainly divided into two stages, namely, the crawling style and the dog-climbing style. But no matter what stage, the baby's body needs to be in direct contact with the ground, so one thing that should be prepared most is pure cotton home clothes. Because pure cotton clothes are relatively soft, it is not easy to give the baby a sense of friction, and will not hinder the baby's movement; in addition, wearing pure cotton clothes can prevent the baby from being hit by the ground when learning to crawl, or causing serious problems when falling down. harm. Therefore, pure cotton home clothes are the most indispensable items for babies during the crawling period.

2. Crawling mat

As the name suggests, the crawling mat is a mat that helps babies learn to crawl. The reason why you need to prepare it is to prevent your baby from accidentally falling down when learning to crawl. If it hits the head, it is very easy to cause the baby to faint or even concussion. Therefore, it is necessary to lay a soft crawling mat on the ground. In addition, the crawling mat will also play a role in isolating the cold air, to prevent the cold air from invading the baby's body when the baby is crawling on the ground, causing symptoms such as diarrhea and joint pain, affecting the health of the baby.

3. Anti-collision corner protection

The anti-collision corner protector is also something that babies must prepare when they learn to crawl, and it is very necessary even until the baby has independence. Because the anti-collision corner protector is mainly used to cover the sharper corners of the table and cabinet in the home, to avoid more serious bleeding after the baby hits it. And after the baby can crawl, he prefers to scurry around. If all the sharp corners in the home that are easy to cause injury are wrapped up, it can effectively reduce the risk of the baby being dangerous when the parents are not paying attention.

4. Crawling toys

Crawling toys are generally referred to as toys that can basically attract the baby's attention and help the baby crawl forward. They are all more suitable for making crawling toys. General crawling toys need to have two characteristics. The first is loud, because babies are usually more sensitive to sounds; the second is moving, which is easier to arouse the baby’s curiosity and can guide the baby to move with it. The trajectory is crawling.

The crawling period is also an important period in the baby's life, so parents should not only guide the baby to learn to crawl, but also protect the safety of the baby when learning to crawl.

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