A list of essential supplies for newborn babies!

A list of essential supplies for newborn babies!

Jun 07, 2021XieYifang

1. Feeding supplies

1. Milk bottles: prepare two bottles for breastfeeding, and 3-5 bottles for non-breastfeeding. Heat-resistant glass bottles can be boiled and disinfected. They are easy to wash, and plastic bottles are light weight and should not be broken. They are convenient to carry when going out. It is best to prepare both types of bottles.

2. Pacifier: The size of the nipple hole should be selected according to the age of the baby, and one should be prepared for replacement.

3. Bottle brush: Two brushes of different sizes for brushing the baby bottle and brushing the nipple should be prepared. Choose fiber brushes for glass, and sponge brushes for plastic bottles that are easy to scratch.

4. Milk bottle sterilizer: high temperature steam sterilizes milk bottles and tableware, and the drying function is better.

5. Feeding bottle clamp: It is used to clamp the nipple and feeding bottle during disinfection.

6. Breast pump: manual and automatic selection according to needs, electric is relatively easy.

7. Breast milk preservation bag/box: used to store the breast milk that has been sucked out, frozen for later use.

8. Milk powder box: multi-compartment or multi-layer type (when the baby grows up, it can be used for snacks)

9. Baby bottle warmer: heat milk and complementary food.

10. Milk bottle drying rack/baby bottle storage box (if the sterilizer has a drying function, it will not be used)

11. Milk powder: prepare a small bucket for breastfeeding.


2. Toiletries

1. Bathtub: A slightly larger special baby bath for bathing and playing in the water.

2. Bath rack: can be hung on the bathtub for use.

3. Water thermometer: There are special suction cup type and floating type, which can display the temperature. Choose one as appropriate. (Mummy’s elbow is more accurate than a water thermometer)

4. Bathing supplies: including bathing liquid. Shampoo, soap, talcum powder, diaper cream, emollient oil, etc.

5. Bath towels: prepare two large and medium-sized bath towels. Choose pure cotton products, preferably Baotou.

6. Bath toys


3. Swimming supplies (such as swimming at home)

1. Swimming pool: inflatable or bracket type (if you have a large bathtub at home, you don’t need to buy it)

2. Neck circumference: safer with multiple protections.

3. Umbilical care stickers: If you don't plan to swim before the umbilical cord falls off, don't prepare it.


6. bedding and other supplies

1. Crib: the best wood, with mosquito nets, the height of the fence is greater than 60CM, to prevent the baby from falling over when the baby is older, and the distance between the railings should be less than 6CM to prevent the baby's head from sticking out and hurting. The bolts of the movable joints are firm, and they are not easy to be shaken to cause looseness and fall off. After buying them, put them in a ventilated place to blow away the smell of paint.

2. Mattress: In order to make the baby's spine develop normally, it should not be too soft, and a little harder is better.

3. Protective enclosure: one to prevent bumps when turning over.

4. Quilt: The quilt and the lining are made of cotton, the thickness is moderate, and the bed is large, medium and small.

5. Cushion: Two beds to prepare for changing and washing.

6. Towels and sheets: more than two beds, cotton, strong moisture absorption.

7. Diaphragm: Prevent urine from penetrating into the mattress.

8. Pillows: Use towels to fold or not use pillows within 3 months, and use baby pillows after 3 months.

9. Blankets and quilts: It is recommended to prepare the blankets, and others should be prepared as needed.


5.baby care products

1. Thermometer: Ear type is better, it is better not to choose mercury thermometer, it is dangerous for newborns.

2. Nail clippers: nail clippers for babies are optional.

3. Nasal aspirator: Ball or electric nasal aspirator is better.

4. Medication feeder: it can be replaced with a disposable syringe.


6. Baby clothes and others

1. Underwear: more than 6 sets, pure cotton, good hand feeling, strong moisture absorption, washable, no buckle on the back, one-piece suit is better.

2. Diapers: If you choose to use pure cotton diapers, you can buy leak-proof diapers at the same time, just wrap them outside the diapers.

3. Diapers: 2 large bags

4. Wraps and bibs: prepare one thin wrap and one thick wrap, 3-5 bibs, gauze can also be substituted.

5. Hat: one for each thickness.

6. Socks: Loose but not tight ankles.

7. Clothes for going out: cloak, one-piece cotton suit, small shoes, sweater and wool pants, etc., choose according to the season.

8. Sleeping bag: choose the thickness according to the temperature at home.


7. furniture

1. Baby crib: Same as above (to avoid waste, you can choose crib and crib multi-purpose models)

2. Diaper changing table: prepare according to the situation.

3. Diaper storage box: both desktop or hanging type.

4. Baby monitor: It is better to have video.

5. Air heater: It must be prepared for cities with dry air, and the mute function is better.

6. Rocking chair cradle: choose according to your preferences.

7. Wet wipe warmer: essential for babies born in winter.

8. Night light: check the baby's situation at any time at night.


8. Detergents

1. Milk bottle cleaner: clean milk bottles and tableware, organic and fragrance-free is better.

2. Toy disinfectant: non-toxic, tasteless and easy to wash.

3. Baby laundry detergent: it has a soft and soft function.

4. Disinfecting gel without washing: better for babies.

5. Cotton swabs: better for babies.

6. Wet wipes: Both buttocks and mouth need to be prepared.

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