Eight product features of Grownsy food supplement machine

Eight product features of Grownsy food supplement machine

Jun 07, 2021XieYifang

1. Steaming and mixing, one machine for two purposes
One machine with two functions, steam & mixing two in one, allowing mother to directly steam the food after stirring, it is not too convenient!

2. Original steam cooking
Even if the baby can already dine with his parents, let the baby eat less fried and fried foods, and try to use steamed food as much as possible. Grownsy’s unique high-temperature steam technology can quickly cook food and fully retain the nutritional value of the original food!

3. Quick stirring of particles
Quick double-blade particle mixing, food can be broken more delicately and fully stirred, and there is no need to worry about the problem of food particles being too big and afraid to feed your baby!

4. Trigger protection device
Grownsy guarantees that the whole baby food maker can be powered on only after the whole food supplement machine is installed firmly, to ensure the safety of the man and the machine, and there will be no accidents, and mothers can use it with confidence.

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5. Large-capacity transparent cup
The cup body has a large capacity to meet the baby's food intake at all stages. And the transparent cup makes the state of stirring or steaming clear at a glance!

6. One-click control
One-button operation, the two levels of steaming and stirring can be switched at will, which is simple and convenient.

7. Easy to clean
With a split structure, the "Grownsy" hemp can also be easily disassembled. The key thing that makes bacteria feel the most humane is where the little white bear food supplement machine can be used and washed!

8. Various complementary food DIY
Using the Grownsy food supplement machine, Ma Ma can easily handle vegetable puree, fruit puree, meat puree, egg custard, grain rice paste, and even small buns can be steamed in minutes!

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