The breast pump cannot be used in these three cases!

The breast pump cannot be used in these three cases!

Jun 07, 2021XieYifang

Most breastfeeding mothers will have a breast pump at home, which can even promote lactation if used correctly; otherwise, it may cause breast injury and cause mastitis.

How do I use a breast pump?

1. Choose the breast pump that suits you best

Baoma’s breast size, nerve sensitivity, and lactation are different, so whether you can choose a breast pump that suits you is very important.

When choosing a breast pump, the suggestions of people who came over may not always be helpful.

It is best to actually understand the performance and principle of the product, and then choose the appropriate size according to your breast size and nipple size.

2. Pay attention to the method of use

Choose the breast pump that suits you, and pay attention to the method of use. It is best to read the product manual carefully and check the condition of the breast before using the breast pump.

The most suitable time for breast pumping is that the breasts are relatively uniform overall, with a feeling of fullness but no pain. Light pressure on the areola can smoothly express milk, and the corresponding milk burst stimulation can make breast pumping smoother.

Three situations do not use breast pump

1. Don't use a breast pump when your breasts are hard

Breasts during lactation are actually very fragile. When the breasts are full, the internal pressure of the breasts is also high, and the pressure on the breast tissues is relatively high. If you suck directly with a breast pump, it is very likely that the breasts will be damaged and the breasts will be sucked. Although the breast is soft, it feels uncomfortable.

2. Do not use a breast pump when the breast is locally silted

When you feel that your breasts are uneven, have lumps or milk knots, the breast pump cannot treat different areas of the breast differently to suck up the silted milk in a targeted manner.

However, the breast pump can continue to stimulate lactation regularly, so the milk cannot be discharged from the place where there is siltation, but the breast produces more milk, which may cause the siltation to become more serious.

3. Do not use a breast pump when the nipple is injured

If the nipple has cracked or other wounds, it will be painful when breastfeeding, and it will also be painful when using a breast pump, and the negative pressure suction of the breast pump may expand the wound and make it more difficult to heal.

3. Don't overuse the breast pump

The distribution of female mammary ducts is like an umbrella. If the upper mammary ducts are blocked, the nipple and areola will not be able to suck milk.

Because the breast pump will pressurize the breast when pumping, it will damage the local soft tissues and cause edema over time.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not breastfeed for more than half an hour.

When mothers buy a breast pump, they must choose the one that suits them. Consult more and take a closer look at how to use it after buying it.

4. breast massage is healthier than breast pump

The effect of breast milk massage is the best compared to other methods. Because it takes a short and convenient time to massage the breast, it can solve the problems of breast pain, breast swelling, and insufficient milk secretion.

Massaging the breast can promote local capillary dilation, increase vascular permeability, speed up blood flow, improve local blood circulation, and facilitate the secretion and discharge of milk.

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