It is instinct for a child not to be self-discipline, and it is the ability for parents to make him self-discipline

It is instinct for a child not to be self-discipline, and it is the ability for parents to make him self-discipline

Jun 24, 2021XieYifang

I was recently fanned by an 8-year-old boy.

He is a primary school student who insists on getting up at 6:30 every day to wash, and then reading in the morning. He has persisted for 400 days.

At the beginning, the child couldn't hold on, but his mother reminded him and supervised him every day, and he slowly formed a habit.

In the past, children also liked watching TV, so the mother would take a book and read it by herself, setting a role model for her.
Later, under the influence of the family atmosphere, the children gradually fell in love with reading. After the first grade, the TV at home has not been turned on.

Every day when he comes back at noon, the child lies on the sofa and reads by himself, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing.

He would also chase after his mother with a book and say, "This book is very beautiful. Mom, take a look."
The psychologist Seidz said:

"People are like ceramics, they will form the embryonic form of a lifetime when they are young."

Every child is born to be greedy for pleasure and to pursue ease. Especially in the learning process, children are used to being afraid of difficulties and always want to give up, but parents must not let it go.

Self-disciplined children are not born, but are nurtured by their parents.

Parents don’t push behind, children will never learn on their own initiative

Once there was a father who secretly photographed the whole process of his child's homework.

Pushing the door for a while, tapping the wall for a while, wandering, staring in a daze, going to the bathroom, doing all kinds of small actions, just not doing homework.

For a full 9 minutes, the time the child really spends on homework is only more than 2 minutes.

Many parents sighed: "It seems to see their own children."

Yes, what this child exposed is actually a common problem of countless children.

They have poor self-discipline and low self-learning ability. Once they lack the supervision and discipline of their parents, it is easy to be unable to control themselves.

There was a poll on Weibo on "How do elementary and middle school students spend their holidays". The results showed that 80% of children choose to sleep, eat, and play games to fill their lives.

Laziness is human nature, and children are no exception.

Studies have shown that before the age of 6 children, the prefrontal cortex of the brain is immature, the motivation for learning is not clear, and the self-control is very weak.

There is such a sentence in "Tsinghua Xueba Jiaozi Jing":

"Parents must understand that children lack self-control when they are young. It is normal not to take the initiative to take the initiative in difficult things such as learning, and it is abnormal to take the initiative."

So it's normal for him to be too lazy to read, to procrastinate and not want to do his homework.

If at this time, the parents, as the children's "first responsible person", choose to let go, the children will only become more and more unscrupulous and indulge themselves.

Parents do not push their children behind, and children will never learn to learn on their own initiative.

There is a mother who always thinks that the child has the consciousness of being responsible for himself.

So when her daughter gets up, when she sleeps, and when she reads, she never cares.

Regarding her daughter's academic performance, she also does not force or ask, she thinks it is more important for the child to be interested.

In less than three years, her daughter's grades plummeted and she was at the bottom of the class.

During the time when she indulged her children, her daughter was also obsessed with playing games, being late for school, and wandering in class. Most of the time every day was spent on games.

Even her daughter secretly charged thousands of dollars to the game behind her back.

There are no children who are born conscious, and every child is more or less inertia.

Some education experts once said:

"Children will be willful, but adults can't give up the responsibility of supervision."

The reason why a child is a child lies in his lack of consciousness.

They always feel that going to class is not as comfortable as sleeping late, and doing problems is not as easy as swiping a mobile phone.

Therefore, it is more necessary for parents to formulate rules and always supervise to help children get rid of the willfulness and looseness in their nature.

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