The appease pacifier in the eyes of Americans

The appease pacifier in the eyes of Americans

Jun 24, 2021XieYifang

Pacifiers originated in the West. It is widely believed in China that pacifiers do more harm than good. For example, if a baby uses a pacifier for a long time, it will cause deformation of the gums and teeth, malocclusion, and hinder the development of the baby's speech function. But American parents praised the role of pacifiers, believing that its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.

Soothing babies can liberate parents. It is very popular in Western countries such as the United States.

American families generally have two or three children. Even so, it is still the couple bringing their own children. Pacifiers can make babies quiet in a short period of time, which greatly saves parents' time. Therefore, pacifiers have been quickly popularized in the West. Pacifiers have become a must-have baby in almost every family with a baby. Supplies.

American parenting experts believe that it is normal for a baby to use a pacifier before the age of two

There is no need to worry that the pacifier will hinder your baby's speech, because 1-year-old babies generally can't speak yet.

There is no need to worry about the baby’s teeth being deformed by the pacifier, because the child will change teeth in the future, and Americans are very concerned about the health of the teeth, regardless of whether there is a problem with the teeth, they usually go to the dentist’s office for checkups every three to six months tooth.

A pacifier will make the baby feel dependent. This is not something American parents are worried about. They just want the baby to be dependent on it, because the couple equally allocates a limited amount of time to take care of each child in the family. They don’t have too much manpower and time to keep crying. The baby coaxed to calm down.

A pacifier can prevent the baby from suffocating while sleeping. American parenting experts believe that a pacifier has a very important benefit, that is, it can prevent the baby from suffocating accidents while sleeping. Because when the baby is holding a pacifier, his mouth remains slightly open, allowing air to circulate. Moreover, when the baby is holding a pacifier, the baby will not adopt a prone position, which also avoids the possibility of suffocation.

It is a basic public morality to prepare a pacifier for your baby while you are away. Americans attach great importance to not hindering others as much as possible in public. Americans believe that preparing pacifiers for babies while away from home is a basic public morality. When a baby cries suddenly in public places such as buses, subways, movie theaters, and post offices, American parents do not pick up the baby to coax, but immediately put a pacifier into the baby's mouth.

There are two main types of American pacifiers

Currently, there are two main shapes of pacifiers on the US market. One is similar to the shape of a mother's nipple, and the other is a broad flat tongue. In order to better play the role of pacifiers, American designers have continued to study and improve them for decades. For example, the root of the wide flat tongue-shaped pacifier is designed to be S-shaped, which is more in line with the shape of the baby's teeth.

The happy life that pacifiers bring us

Before Haohao was born, I prepared several pacifiers for him. After Haohao's full moon, he started to use a pacifier for him. As time goes by, I feel more and more that the role of pacifiers is really powerful.

* When Haohao is crying, just put the pacifier into his mouth, Haohao immediately stops crying and becomes quiet (If Haohao still crying after putting on the pacifier, check his stomach If you are hungry, do you need to change diapers, whether your body is suffering, etc. This is also an important function of pacifiers);

* After Haohao was five or six months old, when he had a nap during the day, as long as he put a pacifier into his mouth, Haohao immediately relaxed and soon fell asleep; he bathed and fed Haohao every night After breastfeeding, put the pacifier into his mouth and hold Haohao for a while, and he will fall asleep quickly and peacefully;

* When you take Haohao out, no matter the length of time, a pacifier is a must-have item, you must bring it every time.

After 2 years old, the baby needs to be given off pacifiers

American parenting experts believe that babies should start to quit the habit of using pacifiers after they are two years old. There are many books that teach parents how to help their babies quit pacifiers.

* Dad Haohao shares: Naturally get rid of pacifiers

We want Haohao to quit pacifiers naturally, just as he quit breast milk naturally. We now try not to give Haohao a pacifier when he is awake, and only use the pacifier when he is going to bed and when taking him out. It seems that the situation is good and the progress is going well.

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