Can the baby bottle be heated in the microwave?

Can the baby bottle be heated in the microwave?

Jun 23, 2021XieYifang

Can the baby bottle be heated in the microwave?

It is best not to heat the baby bottle in the microwave oven. If it is to pour the milk into a feeding bottle and heat it in the microwave, it cannot be done. On the one hand, because the microwave is not uniformly heated, it is not suitable for heating milk products. In addition, using a microwave oven to heat milk at a high temperature will damage the milk products. The protein inside. Note: As for the container in the microwave oven, as long as the description of the utensil does not specifically mark "Can be used for microwave heating", in principle, do not put it in the microwave oven. Instead, use special utensils for microwave heating.

How to heat the milk in the bottle

1. Breast milk ①. If you are in a hurry to give it to your child, rinse it with running cold water directly after taking it out, or place it in cold water to thaw. ②. If you are not in a hurry, you can put it in the refrigerator compartment first (it is easier to defrost it in the refrigerator door, because the temperature here is slightly higher). Almost thawed, you can warm the breast milk storage bag in warm water not exceeding 40 degrees. During the heating period, keep shaking the storage bag so that the breast milk can be heated evenly.

Note: If the warm water is cold, but the breast milk is not warm enough, you can change the water again, but you must pay attention that the water temperature must not exceed 40 degrees.

2. Milk powder If you often have milk powder left, it is recommended to buy a milk warmer. This is mainly due to the probiotics in the milk powder, the heating temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, the special milk warmer is convenient and worry-free. But if it is only occasionally left, it is recommended to warm it with hot water, which is safe and saves money.

Note: If the baby's milk powder is not finished, but only a little bit is left, it is recommended to throw it away; if there is a lot left, it is recommended that the parent drink it; if the parent does not want to drink it but is reluctant to throw it away, it can be stored for a short time, and it will be given after the next heating. Baby drinking.

How to sterilize baby bottles in a microwave

1. Put the cleaned baby bottle in the microwave and turn on the high heat for 10 minutes. Do not put the teat and connecting cover into the microwave oven to avoid deformation and damage.

2. Fill the cleaned baby bottle with half of water and put it in the microwave oven. The pacifier and lid are placed in a special bowl for the microwave, covered with water, and then microwaved together.

Note: During the sterilization process, the baby bottle cannot be capped, because the pressure in the bottle may continue to build up during the heating process. From the instructions of the baby bottle, you should be able to see whether the baby bottle you bought can be sterilized directly in the microwave.

The material is different, the sterilization method of the baby bottle is different

At present, the common disinfection methods include traditional boiling disinfection, microwave disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and steam disinfection. The key point is that we choose the disinfection method according to the material of the baby bottle.

1. If your household is a glass baby bottle, any of the above disinfection methods will have a better effect! But it should be noted that the glass will burst when it is suddenly cold and heated. If you like to use the traditional water-boiled disinfection method, you can Remember to take a pot of cold water and gradually heat it to a boil.

2. If your household is a plastic baby bottle, it is recommended to use steam sterilization or ultraviolet sterilization, and do not use the traditional boiling method or microwave sterilization method repeatedly. Because the current plastic milk bottles are mostly made of PP, these products can be sterilized at temperatures above 100°C. However, whether long-term repeated use of boiled water or microwave disinfection will release harmful substances is yet to be determined. For the sake of insurance, UV disinfection is more reliable.

3. Ultraviolet disinfection is to destroy the molecular structure in the cells of microorganisms through ultraviolet rays of the appropriate wavelength, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Of course, the price of a taller UV disinfection machine is relatively higher.

4. If your household is a stainless steel baby bottle, the traditional boiling method or steam sterilization method is suitable, but this type of baby bottle may not be suitable for microwave sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization.

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