Avoid these drinking habits during pregnancy

Avoid these drinking habits during pregnancy

Sep 14, 2021XieYifang

Nowadays, people’s material living standards are constantly improving, and there are more choices in diet. Everyone likes to eat some spicy and fragrant foods. While eating these spicy and greasy foods, they like to drink some cold and stimulating drinks to relieve the hotness. . However, this kind of wanton eating habit is very harmful to the body. The original spicy food stimulates the spleen and stomach very much. Adding some cold beverages can easily cause the spleen and stomach to become weak. In Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are "Acquired foundation", once the spleen and stomach are injured, many diseases will follow one after another.

This is the case for ordinary people. For the health of the baby, pregnant women with small babies must pay more attention to the protection of the spleen and stomach. When you are pregnant, you must make changes in your diet, avoid unhealthy foods, and develop good drinking habits while staying away from unhealthy foods. If pregnant women have the following drinking habits, they must be corrected in time for the health of their babies and themselves.


1. Always wait until you are thirsty to drink water

Not only pregnant women, but most of us usually feel thirsty before realizing that we are short of water and need to replenish water. This habit is very wrong. We will consume a lot of water through respiration and normal excretion throughout the day. Relying on the small amount of water contained in the diet is completely unable to meet the human body's fluid needs. When you feel thirsty, it has already indicated that the body's water consumption and intake have been seriously out of balance, and the body has been harmed.

This is especially true for pregnant women. During pregnancy, pregnant women's normal needs for water are much greater than normal people. If they don't develop the habit of taking the initiative to drink water and replenish them in time, the body's adverse reactions will be heavier than normal, and the amniotic fluid and baby's development will also be affected. In addition, due to their special physique, pregnant women should also eat more fruits and vegetables, so that they can add some trace elements while replenishing water.

2. Usually like to drink raw water and cold water that has not been boiled

The raw water that is not boiled contains many bacteria and microorganisms that are invisible to human eyes but exist. Normal people have strong body resistance and immunity. It may be said that drinking raw water once in a while will not cause any reaction, but pregnant women have their own resistance decreased due to These bacteria are likely to become pathogenic bacteria and cause digestive system diseases such as diarrhea and enteritis in pregnant women. In more serious cases, intestinal cramps may cause uterine contractions, fetal movements and even abortions. Therefore, pregnant women must ensure that the drinking water has been completely boiled before drinking water to avoid unnecessary troubles.

3. Drink some milk tea or carbonated drinks often

Although some young pregnant women are pregnant, especially in the first few months of pregnancy, they still can’t resist the temptation of sweet milk tea. They often drink milk tea, and occasionally drink a few mouthfuls to relieve their greed. The health of the baby and itself will cause great harm. Whether it is milk tea or carbonated drinks, it contains a lot of additives such as saccharin and pigment. The large amount of sugar in it is very easy to cause pregnant women to develop gestational diabetes and metabolic disorders, which will cause harm to the health of mothers and children. In addition, some unscrupulous businesses will add some unknown ingredients to their drinks in order to attract customers. Long-term intake of these chemical ingredients can easily lead to malformations of the fetus and the appearance of some strange diseases.

As a mother-to-be, you must be responsible for your own body and the health of your fetus. During pregnancy, you must control your gluttonous mouth, and avoid some health problems caused by your own bad habits.

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