Should the newborn hug or Lying down more often?

Should the newborn hug or Lying down more often?

Sep 14, 2021XieYifang

▎What is the hazard of holding a baby under 1 year old?

  ☛ affects skeletal development: newborns have immature skeletal development. When holding the baby, the baby’s spine is curved. In the long term, it will affect the baby's bone growth.

  ☛ Affects brain development: The baby's development needs to go through some periods of big motor development, which is what we often say, two lifts, four turns, six will sit seven rolls, eight climbs, nine stand ups. If you hold it often, the baby's lack of exercise will cause motor retardation, which will affect the development of the brain.

  ☛ affects the quality of sleep: babies are often hugged and shaken to sleep. When a habit is formed, they will "waking up" as soon as they are put on the bed. In this way, the baby will not sleep well and the adults will be tired and paralyzed.

  ☛ Forms the dependence of being held by others: If you hold your baby frequently, the baby will get used to it, and then become dependent, and it will cry if no one is holding it. If things go on like this, the baby will become excessively dependent on the parents and will not be willing to contact new friends or new things, which will lead to irritability and willfulness, which is not conducive to the development of a healthy personality for the baby.

  ☛ is easy to lead to obesity: the baby is always held and lacks exercise, the development of big exercise will be slow, the baby is easy to overweight and become obese.


▎If you want to hold a child, how to hold it safely

   Some parents like to hold their children all the time, while some parents worry that they will become dependent on holding their children frequently, so they don’t care about the baby. Even if the baby cries for a long time, they won’t hold them up and coax them. This is actually not good. Newborns who need to be held, you can hold it in this way and it is very safe.

   ✔ The baby needs to be hugged horizontally within 3 months

Newborn babies within 3 months of age should be hugged sideways. This is because the newborn’s cervical spine and spine have not yet formed, and the bones are very soft. Holding vertically will increase the pressure on the baby’s cervical spine and spine, and holding it horizontally can reduce the baby’s neck Pressure on the back. For reference, click→Hold horizontally in January, hold vertically for 3 months, hold more or lie down more? Should I hold it vertically or horizontally? !

  ✔You can hold and shoot hiccups after breastfeeding

   Newborn babies swallow a lot of air when they eat breastmilk or cry. The accumulation of air in the body will cause flatulence, and the baby will have stomach pain. Therefore, burp your baby after feeding. The vertical hug and burp is a common burp position. Let the baby sit on the knees, lean forward, hold the baby’s head with the thumb and index finger, and support the baby’s chest with the palm. Then use the other hand to burp gently.

   Except for the hiccup and the vertical hug, the vertical hug is not recommended for other situations.

  ✔ You can hug properly after waking up

   After the baby wakes up, he will look for family members. At this time, he can hug, touch, and talk to him appropriately. The baby will feel safe, and language communication can stimulate the baby's language development and brain development. Parenting knowledge pay attention to the public account: mother and child healthy parenting guidance.

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