Baby bottle sterilizer of choice for twins

Baby bottle sterilizer of choice for twins

Jun 21, 2021XieYifang

For me personally, last year was a new beginning in my life. From the moment my twin daughters were born, I was responsible for the growth of two small lives, but because I am a novice mother, many things are in the process of groping. Because the resistance of children is relatively weak, I have always paid attention to their daily hygiene, especially the disinfection of baby bottles. In the beginning, I used boiling water to boil the baby bottle, but there are really many disadvantages. I always feel that the disinfection is not complete, and sometimes the pacifier will be deformed. Especially for our two babies, there are more milk bottles that need to be sterilized. Each operation is very laborious and the time is not easy to control. Over time, I want to start a baby bottle sterilizer.

How to choose a baby bottle sterilizer? Let’s first understand how it works

When it comes to the choice of a baby bottle sterilizer, we must first understand its working principle. The milk bottle sterilizer heats the water by heating the chassis. When the water boils, high-temperature steam is generated to sterilize the milk bottle. The sterilization rate of the steam temperature reaching 100°C can reach 99.99%, so it is safe to use. Most baby bottle sterilizers have a drying function, so that after the entire process, you can get a clean baby bottle and use it directly. However, disinfection and drying are the basic functions of a baby bottle sterilizer. When choosing, pay more attention to the four aspects of the chassis, drying system, capacity, and operation mode.

The grownsy milk bottle sterilizer, a good choice to free your hands

In order to be able to select a suitable baby bottle sterilizer, I have read many online reviews and recommendations from Baoma. Finally, I planted a grownsy steam sterilizer. Now it has been used for a few months. The one-sentence evaluation is: not only has beauty, but also Inner. This sterilizer is a two-in-one product for high-temperature steam sterilization and drying. When used, it is a high-temperature sauna room, so that there is no dead corner for sterilization. The drying adopts a 360-degree spiral type, and the PTC ceramic is heated and dried at a high temperature to prevent the secondary growth of bacteria. It has a more air-assisted pressure design, and the airflow is doubled to make the disinfection and drying effect more comprehensive.

2020 Baby Bottle Sterilizer

And for the two babies in my family, there are a lot of baby bottles that are sterilized each time. The capacity of the grownsy sterilizer is very large, and it is no problem to sterilize 8 baby bottles at a time. In addition to baby bottles, water cups, toys and the like, ceramic tableware, chopsticks and spoons used by the whole family can also be disinfected. One product is suitable for the whole family.

The entire sterilizer is made of food contact grade material, and the heating chassis is made of Teflon layer heating chassis. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet wipe. The control is also very simple, it is equipped with a liquid crystal display, touch design one-button operation. With the intelligent anti-dry burn, even if I am pregnant for three years, I am not afraid of safety issues when using it.

Although having two babies in one birth has changed my life a lot, I have to worry about many things every day while getting up early and going to bed at night, but I still feel very happy. It is my biggest wish that the baby can grow up healthy. However, while taking care of their daily lives, they can also be "lazy" appropriately. For example, choosing a grownsy baby bottle sterilizer, which really frees your hands and gives you a strong Amway.

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