Baby food meets the high energy needs of babies

Baby food meets the high energy needs of babies

Jul 04, 2021XieYifang

Babies need about 90 calories per kilogram of body weight to grow up healthily. This value is two to three times that of adults. High-quality baby food is ideal for meeting high energy needs. Baby food basically tries to replace the positive effect of breast milk as the best starting formula. When referring to baby food, it usually refers to industrially manufactured ready-made foods.

There are many different kinds of baby food

In terms of baby food, there are differences between infant formula, follow-up food and complementary food. Infant formula milk powder is mainly used to feed infants in the first six months. It contains all the nutrients needed for healthy development. Follow-up formula milk powder and complementary food are fed at the same time, starting at the earliest six months. This is defined as non-milk foods for infants and young children during the transition to a normal diet.

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Safety and health play the most important role in baby food

There is no doubt that baby food must contain no substances and be produced under the strictest health and hygiene regulations. Of course, all of this only makes sense when safe drinking water is used during the preparation process and the bottles, pacifiers and all items that come into contact with baby food are in the best hygienic conditions. Regarding the advertisement of baby food, the EU also prohibits the use of advertisements designed to discourage mothers from breastfeeding their children.

Top supplier of quality and healthy baby food

The manufacturers and wholesalers of our baby food category reliably provide you with large quantities of high-quality infant formula, follow-on formulas and complementary foods. Understand the range of various suppliers and ask our suppliers to advise you when necessary.

So a good baby food maker is very necessary for a family with babies!

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