Baby spit out pacifier, parents cleverly solved

Baby spit out pacifier, parents cleverly solved

Jul 08, 2021XieYifang

A pacifier can be an important part of a new parent's response to the child. It can help parents to comfort their children. However, pacifiers are not simple for all children. If your child often spit out the pacifier, try a few different methods or consider the child's preferences, which may help the child not to spit out the pacifier to a certain extent.

1. Directly suck on the child

After breastfeeding the children, when the children are at their most calm, suck the pacifiers directly to the children. When you use a pacifier instead of feeding, when your child is hungry, the children may quickly learn to suck the pacifier, but when you let the children suck on the pacifier, they will all spit out the pacifier. Conversely, if you let your child suck on the pacifier when they are happy and calm, then your child may be satisfied with sucking on the pacifier.

2. One-piece pacifier

If your child often spit out pacifiers, then you can try to provide children with pacifiers of various sizes, shapes and nipples. If your child often spit out some flat-bottomed pacifiers, then this may indicate that the children may not like the shape of the pacifier.

You can buy some cheap pacifiers in the baby supply store and try them out one by one until you find a pacifier that your baby likes in shape and texture. Choose some one-piece pacifiers for children. This kind of pacifier is easier to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, and will not produce some unpleasant taste where the flakes and the pacifier meet. The one-piece pacifier is less likely to cause choking hazards for children, because all parts of it cannot be separated.

3. Apply breast milk to the pacifier

Parents can apply a thin layer of breast milk or formula milk on the outside of the pacifier, so that when children are allowed to suck on the pacifier, the children may like the pacifier because of the taste of the pacifier. The newly bought pacifier may have some rubbery smell, which may not be liked by the children.

However, never apply a layer of sweetness to the outside of the pacifier, such as corn syrup or honey. Because this may cause some dental problems, in addition, honey may also cause infant botulism. Breast milk or formula milk is at least one way for babies to suck on their pacifiers. It should not be a continuous way for babies to suck on their pacifiers.

4. Don't force

Don't force your child to suck a pacifier. Although allowing children to suck on a pacifier can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, not all babies need a pacifier. If your child keeps spitting out the pacifier, then he may not need a pacifier. Follow the signs given by the baby. Sometimes, children may like to suck a pacifier, but sometimes, they will not suck a pacifier.

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