Behind every good child is a great mother

Behind every good child is a great mother

Jun 24, 2021XieYifang

In family education, mothers play a pivotal role for children.

The mood of the mother determines the atmosphere of the child's growth, and the character of the mother influences the character of the child.

A mother's self-cultivation affects the child's character and personality throughout the life, and the mother's attitude towards education determines the child's future.

Behind the bear children cannot be separated from the mother's indulgence, and behind the good children cannot be separated from the mother's education.

Behind those excellent children of other people's families, there is a powerful mother of other people's families hidden.

Emotionally stable mothers raise optimistic children

Speaking of celebrity mothers, Huo Siyan, who raises such a humming boy, is bound to be inevitable.

In "Mom is Superman", the program team asked um, "What are you doing, will mom be unhappy?"

Uh-huh without even thinking about it, he said, "Mom never lost her temper with me."

Indeed, throughout the season, Huo Siyan has always been gentle and patient with um.

Even if um hum sometimes loses her temper or cries loudly, Siyan doesn't lose her temper to her son in a bad manner.

She always calms the child's emotions first, and then guides the child to recognize the mistakes.

In my mother's good mood, um, optimistic and positive, the perspective of looking at the world is always full of love and tenderness.

An expert once said: "Educating a child is nothing more than talking to him well, not rushing or getting angry. If you do this, you will be 80% successful."

A mother who is good at controlling emotions is the blessing of a child's life.

A mother who always accompanies to raise a warm child

The famous host Yang Lan told a story about companionship.

She didn't go home for a whole week due to work reasons. When she came home that day, her son did not speak behind her back, and finally cried loudly. She couldn't help but shed tears when she saw his son do this.

Since that incident, Yang Lan turned away all work and devoted himself to staying at home with the children for a year, so as to give them a sense of security.

Yang Lan said: "If I didn't give up my job to accompany my son at the time, the loss of family affection would be irreparable."

The importance of companionship deserves to be emphasized a thousand times or ten thousand times.

Some mothers will say, we work hard, don't we just want to give our children better living conditions and go to the best school?

But the reality is that children who lack company do not meet their expectations, and even become rebellious and indifferent.

It's not that children don't know what is good or bad, but that they need real company more than a better material life.

Money can be earned at any time, but the growth of children will not wait for us.

Life is hard, and while you are busy, please remember to leave your children a period of time that belongs to you.

Always encourage mothers to raise confident children

I have watched a documentary about Ai Fukuhara.

In a competition, Ai Fukuhara competed with a second-grade boy. The boy lost the first game and walked to his parents aggrievedly. He wanted to be comforted by the parents, but he did not expect to wait for a sentence: "I don’t Is there any way to practice well? Go play and go! People are watching and crying!"

And how did Fukuhara Ai's mother do it?

When Ai Fukuhara encountered a setback, she didn't scold her criticism and pursue her fault as soon as she came up. Instead, she encouraged her, cheered for her, and taught her the correct way to serve:

"It doesn't matter if it doesn't work anyway."

"Try it, open your hand, throw it up, open your hand, throw it up."

With the encouragement of her mother, the little Ai Fukuhara cheered up again and again and picked up the racket to practice and play.

Children have advantages and disadvantages. When mothers pay attention to the children's advantages and continue to encourage them, the children can continue to use their advantages, stimulate internal motivation and build confidence.

Children have success and failure. When the child fails, the mother can encourage the child, and the child will have the courage to meet the challenge again.

For a child, his mother's affirmation and praise will fill him with infinite strength and determination to become better.

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