Jin Xiuer takes you to develop a Easy to get pregnant physique and increase your chances of pregnancy

Jin Xiuer takes you to develop a Easy to get pregnant physique and increase your chances of pregnancy

Jun 16, 2021XieYifang

In life, we sometimes encounter some women who are very easy to get pregnant, such as getting pregnant in one month! This makes many couples who concentrate on preparing for a long time but still have difficulty getting pregnant envy.
So how to develop a fertile physique? Jin Xiu'er reminds you to pay attention to the following points:

Regulate menstruation. Normal menstruation is a key element of pregnancy. Normal menstruation will visit regularly every month, and be gentle and leave when the time is up. Irregular menstruation may be caused by hormonal instability, gynecological diseases and other reasons, and related problems should be investigated before pregnancy.

Weight control. If you want a good pregnancy, you should keep your body within the standard range, not too light or too heavy. Too light is prone to malnutrition, resulting in decreased egg viability or abnormal menstruation, and in severe cases, amenorrhea may even occur. Obesity can lead to menstrual disorders, anovulation and even poor pregnancy outcomes.

Avoid abortion surgery. People with fertile physique usually have no history of abortion surgery. Because abortion surgery can easily cause infection and various gynecological inflammations, such as tubal inflammation caused by tube adhesion and blockage, it is difficult to get pregnant.

Keep a good attitude. A good attitude has a greater impact on pregnancy than we thought. If the long-term mental stress is too great, it will affect the body's endocrine regulation, leading to ovulation disorders. At the stage of pregnancy preparation, one should strive to maintain a good attitude and bless for a good pregnancy.

In addition to conditioning the body, there is also a "small trick" that can increase the chance of a good pregnancy, that is, to find the ovulation time and have sex during the ovulation period. Because within 24 hours after ovulation is the time when the egg quality is the best, it is easier to conceive and give birth to a healthier baby. Especially for some women who have passed the optimal childbearing age, it is even more necessary to find the ovulation day.

Use Jin Xiu'er ovulation test paper to determine ovulation by detecting the changes of LH hormone in urine. The result can be known in 5 minutes, saving worry and effort. When using Jin Xiu'er ovulation test paper to test the peak value (LH25), it indicates that ovulation has been in the last few days. At this time, you can switch to Jin Xiuer's semi-quantitative ovulation test paper. When the peak value is LH65, it means that ovulation is about to be reached. At this time, you can arrange a same room. Afterwards, continue testing. When the peak value of the semi-quantitative test drops to LH25 and arrange another intercourse, the probability of the egg and sperm "meeting" can be greatly increased.

The development of a fertile physique is very important, and with the support of such powerful auxiliary products as Jin Xiu'er, pregnant parents and mothers must be "good pregnancy again and again". Such an amazing tool, give it a try!

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