What are the indispensable baby products for autumn and winter newborn supplies?

What are the indispensable baby products for autumn and winter newborn supplies?

Jun 23, 2021XieYifang

List of newborn supplies in autumn and winter:

Nursing supplies two glass baby bottles

A can of milk powder in case there is no milk

Small bowl, soft

Small spoon, used to feed water and medicine

Breast pump, can be used to open milk and express excess milk

Milk storage bag to store excess milk

Bottle brush, bottle cleaner

Milk bottle sterilizer, milk warmer

Grownsy Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

List of newborn products in autumn and winter: toiletries

A bathtub

2 small basins, one to wash your face and one to wash your ass

There are several gauze towels, which can be used to wipe the mouth, hands, face, and bath. The gauze towels are relatively small and soft, which are very suitable for babies.

Shower gel is generally a combination of shampoo and bath, which can be used once or twice a week

Nipple cream, recommended for pigeon, wipe a little after washing the butt to prevent red butt

Baby oil, used to touch the baby

Body lotion, apply to the whole body after bathing every day to protect the skin

Talcum powder, put talcum powder on the baby’s folds after bathing or ass

Fine cotton swabs, used to clean eyes and nose

Diapers or diapers are more convenient, it is more convenient to use diapers, it is convenient for adults and children, not as bad as the elderly said

Two to three bath towels

Newborn supplies list for autumn and winter: clothing

There are at least five sets of pure cotton underwear, choose cardigans, which are easy to put on and take off

Five sets of cardigan cotton underwear

Two or three sets of cotton jackets

Two cotton quilts, two thin ones, used to wrap the baby while sleeping. You can wear one less piece of clothing when you use the quilt, or you can wrap it in windproof when you go out.

A cloak, windy in winter, go out for the baby to wear wind and warm

Buy less other clothes, children grow fast, and there are many styles of clothes, so they won’t be able to wear them in a few days

Newborn supplies list for autumn and winter: Other

A baby cot

Two sets of bedding such as sheets, sheets, mattresses, mosquito nets, etc. Pillows can be omitted, and children do not need to sleep on pillows

Diaper pad, can be used when changing diapers, or when sleeping

A baby stroller is recommended. An umbrella stroller is recommended. It is small in size, can be seated or lie down, is lighter and lasts a long time

Clinical thermometer, ear thermometer, forehead thermometer, etc.

Water temperature meter, thrown in the bathtub to measure the temperature of the bath water, generally the bath water is about 38 degrees

Medicine feeding device, you may need to give your baby medicine

Nasal aspirator, clean nasal mucus, etc.

Dry paper towels, some wet paper towels

Small toys, colorful and sound toys

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