Children with high IQ often have these performances

Children with high IQ often have these performances

Jul 19, 2021XieYifang

After the child is born, the parents have to shoulder the heavy responsibility of nurturing. For every parent, hope that the child will become a dragon is the best hope of the parents. All the energy of the family has been transferred from the individual to the child. How to make children better than others? This is also a headache for parents.

Excellent people are often smarter than others, which is what we call high IQ, so when children are young, parents should pay attention to the improvement of intelligence. In order for children to win at the starting line, various training classes and interest classes have become the primary choice for parents. However, blind choice may not make a child a high IQ person. In fact, if there are these behaviors and performances during the child's growth process, it is enough to positive whether the child is a high IQ person.

1. Like to tell stories to people

Different children have different personalities, some are lively or introverted, and some are active or demure. Some children like to tell stories. They talk endlessly every day. They often have many ideas, why can't people fly? Why is there day and night? Why does it rain and so on. I like to express my ideas and share them with my family. If the parents answer their ten thousand whys or don't help them solve them, the children will entangle endlessly, leaving you nowhere to escape.

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The child's language expression is very proficient, which is also the golden period of language expression ability development. At this time, if the child can communicate smoothly, like a small talk, then this proves that the development of this part of the child's brain is great. This child's IQ is generally not too low, and it is very easy to learn and live in the future.

2. The child's memory and observation skills are very good

Many children’s memory is actually good. Sometimes the child tells you that he remembers some people and things he has seen before, or suddenly finds that his mother cut his hair today, or his father shaved his beard today. This shows the child’s memory. And good observation. Adults always think of various ways to tap their children's potential. During the golden period of children's growth and development, they hope to develop their children's potential to a greater extent. In daily life, as long as we pay more attention and cultivate, it is actually enough.

3. Like to "make sabotage"

Sometimes parents will find that their children always like to "disassemble eight pieces" of toys and then reassemble them. In fact, this is a manifestation of children's curiosity and desire to explore. When the child wants to figure out what these things are all about, he will focus. As parents, we must not disturb or stop our children's behavior at this time. This is actually the best way for children to understand the outside world.

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