Nasal aspirators help if the baby has a cold

Nasal aspirators help if the baby has a cold

Jul 19, 2021XieYifang

Nasal aspirators - what kind of devices are they?

Nasal aspirators are small devices that help you remove the annoying sniffles from your baby's nose. In the past, when there were no nasal aspirators, small children suffered quite a bit. A cold or a runny nose always means that the little ones cannot breathe properly. With a stuffy nose it is difficult to sleep and it is difficult to drink. It can happen that your child gasps for air and then swallows the air, which can also lead to flatulence and abdominal pain. You shouldn't dig into the baby's tiny nose with cotton swabs. Not only is there a risk of injury, but it can also happen that a plug of mucus is pushed further up the nose. However, this cannot happen with a nasal aspirator.

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Nasal aspirators for babies - how do they work?

For the first year and a half, babies breathe almost exclusively through their nose. With colds, the little ones therefore need tools and support so that they can breathe freely again. Nasal aspirators can be very helpful here. Because small children cannot blow their nose when they are literally "fed up". A Baby Nasal Aspirator can remove the annoying phlegm from your noses. This can be done in a number of ways.

What should you watch out for with nasal aspirators?

As described, it is very easy to use. But here are a few more tips for the correct use of a nasal aspirator:

Never hold the teat very deep into the little nose, because then the risk of injury to the sensitive nasal mucous membrane of the little creature increases.

The nasal aspirator must be cleaned the same every time - after every use. You always rinse the extracted secretion under plenty of running water.

If you want an electric model, the first thing you should do is get your child used to the sound.

Manual vacuum cleaners with a pump ball only produce the sound of the air suction. You can easily test the strength on your arm. Then you can estimate how hard you need to push the ball.

Even if you had to get along without it in the past: nasal aspirators are not newfangled stuff, but actually an effective help. After all, at some point all children are "fed up" - and cannot snort themselves free. That is why nasal aspirators are recommended even by paediatricians and midwives.

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