Choice of high-quality food-grade toothbrush

Choice of high-quality food-grade toothbrush

Jun 24, 2021XieYifang

Toothbrush is something that will accompany us throughout our lives. For babies, choosing a suitable baby toothbrush is even more important.

Generally speaking, when a child is two and a half years old, after all 20 deciduous teeth have erupted, he can start to teach him how to brush his teeth; at about 3 years old, he should develop the habit of brushing his teeth in the morning and evening, and gargle after meals. But you have to have a toothbrush to brush your teeth. Not all toothbrushes are suitable for your baby. What kind of toothbrush should you use to brush your teeth?

Baby Toothbrush-GROWNSY


1. The bristles should be soft and the brush head should be small, so that all the teeth of the baby can be easily contacted, including the innermost teeth.

2. The brushing surface is flat, and the top of the bristles is round, so as not to scratch the baby's gums.

3. Adult toothbrushes are not suitable for young children, because the brush head is too large and the baby is uncomfortable to use. The bristles may also be too hard, which will wear the baby's teeth and gums.

4. Choose a toothbrush with a relatively "hard" handle, so that you can exercise your muscle skills to the maximum.

5. Place the toothbrush upright and keep it dry. Ensure that the bristles of each toothbrush do not touch each other to prevent bacteria from passing from one toothbrush to another.

6. When the toothbrush is worn out, for example, when the bristles are scattered, replace the toothbrush.

7. In any case, change a toothbrush at least every 4 months, and you must change the toothbrush after you get sick, because the old toothbrush may contain bacteria.

When buying a toothbrush, you can't completely listen to the advertisement. Knowledge is the last word. Parents can help their baby choose a toothbrush based on the above content.

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