To enhance your child’s physical fitness, you must first develop good eating habits

To enhance your child’s physical fitness, you must first develop good eating habits

Jun 29, 2021XieYifang

What is physique? The simple understanding is the quality of the body.

If a child has good physical fitness, he will be healthy without getting sick. Even if he has a small cold, he will soon recover.

If you have a bad appetite, it's fragrant to eat. Even mothers can't help but eat more when they watch their children eat.

The body is strong, it seems to be tiring to do nothing, with endless energy and curiosity, the mother can't keep up with the energy of the child at all.

He laughed, didn't recognize the birth, and ran to play with others when he saw children of the same age, acting like a big brother and big sister.

In fact, the strength of a child's physique is also inseparable from the physique of their parents. Parents with good physique will not have bad physique inherited from their children.

Because "kidney is the foundation of nature". Kidney is the kidney qi, which determines the body's growth and development and the ability to reproduce offspring. It is basically all sourced from the inheritance of the parents and the mother's maintenance during pregnancy. At this time, the nutrition is all provided by the mother. Whatever the mother eats, the child will absorb what.

On the other hand, "the spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow". After the child is born, he leaves the mother's body, and the nutrition is absorbed by his own spleen and stomach, so he starts to drink milk, eat supplementary food, drink water... the spleen and stomach Well, if the absorption is good, the body will grow well and grow fast.

It is worth emphasizing that children’s physique has one characteristic: "the viscera is delicate and tender" and "the shape is not full."

When a child is first born, the internal organs and various parts of the body are relatively immature. Although the child has a physical "shape" at this time, it has not yet reached the level of strongness. At this time, the essence is not abundant in the body, and it needs to be continuously replenished by the essence of Houtian Shuigu, and the essence of Shuigu depends on the absorption and transformation of the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, the ups and downs of the spleen and stomach directly affect the physical development of children.

To strengthen the physique of a child, we must first strengthen the spleen and stomach, right?

You see, the child starts to drink breast milk from birth, slowly adds complementary food after half a year, and when he grows up, he begins to taste a variety of foods. The spleen and stomach are gradually becoming stronger in the process of digesting different foods.

Strengthening the spleen and stomach is actually very simple. The premise is not to actively hurt the spleen and stomach, so it is necessary to insist on feedback feeding so that children can develop good eating habits.

When the mother develops the child's good eating habits, you will find that the child remembers "food" than the mother.

When the meal arrives, he will sit at the small table on time, holding a small bowl and a small rice spoon, patiently waiting for his mother to prepare the meal for him. After the food is ready, the child will wait to eat with his parents. He will help his mother to pick the food from time to time, and will praise her when he eats delicious food.

When I see vegetables I don't like, I will listen to my mother and taste more or less, because my mother tells him that eating more will grow taller and become more optimistic.

The child’s daily appetite is relatively fixed. After patiently and attentively, he will eat his own portion, put the tableware, sincerely thank the mother, take the initiative to tell her that she is full, and sometimes ask her mother’s opinion if he wants to eat more.

After the meal, she will also help her mother with small housework within her capacity, such as washing her own bowls and wiping the table. The process of doing housework is equivalent to exercising after a meal, which can help the spleen and stomach digest the food that has just been eaten.

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