One of the eight fundamental methods of pre-education for children

One of the eight fundamental methods of pre-education for children

Jun 24, 2021XieYifang

The science of methods is one of the most important knowledge of mankind. The scientific and triumphant method is to start from practice, set the goal that can be reached, and explore the rules summarized in the theory of reaching the goal based on the characteristics of the object.

The object of early education is infants and young children. Starting from the great potential of infants and young children and the practice of physical and mental development, it is affirmed that the purpose of nurturing them is the comprehensive development of children, fully developed, and developed with individual expertise, and become seedlings of high-quality talents. According to the characteristics of infants and young children and in order to achieve this goal, the "0-year-old Plan" summarizes a series of methods in theory: rich information, develop potential; teach in life, learn by playing games; teach with heart, learn without intention; play with Learning, there is play in learning; the environment is tainted, and the model is induced; playing the piano to the cow, despite the hard work; positively suggesting, focusing on inspiration; must educate love, not spoiling; exquisite love, control the mood; democratic equality, lenient and strict; Constitutive.

The above is only a universally applicable standard method; detailed methods are ever-changing, and they must be applied flexibly according to the child's age, personality, family environment, current situation, and the conditions of the educator. Therefore, there are inventions everywhere in the detailed methods of education, and sensitive applications are required everywhere. The following will only describe the eight fundamental methods with regularity that I have summed up in practice.

1. Victory early education, educators must let children like you and let them listen to you. This is the prerequisite of education and the foundation of education.

How can educators be loved by children and have high prestige?

1. Educators must be caring. For children 8 months ago, use more body-to-skin contact with "tender love"; for children between 8 months and 3 years old, use more games and activities for "happy love"; for 3-6 year olds, use more polite and respectful "wise love" ; For children after the age of 6, we must respect, trust, and strictly request, and gradually let go, let the children live in a reasonable and relaxed environment, the two generations care for each other, and they are humorous and humorous. The above kinds of love are not absolutely separated. As children grow up, the way of expressing love is more biased. It depends on the mood at the time. They are collectively called "educational love." "Educational love" is different from "blood love" and "doting". Families and nursery schools must create an atmosphere of "educational love", sublimate "blood love", and eliminate "spoiling" .

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