Correct sleeping position during pregnancy

Correct sleeping position during pregnancy

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

As the fetus grows during pregnancy, our mother will feel more uncomfortable during sleep, so the quality of sleep will be affected. There are also many mothers who have done their homework in advance, what kind of sleeping posture should be more comfortable during pregnancy, and many of the answers are to sleep on the left side.

It should be noted that some mothers are actually not quite clear about the real meaning behind "sleeping on the left". Let's take a look today!

How to sleep better during each stage of pregnancy?

1. Early pregnancy (before 13 weeks)-sleep casually

Under normal circumstances, in the first trimester, except for the bladder, the uterus will not compress other organs. As long as you don't press your stomach on your stomach, you can sleep as you want.

2. Second trimester (13-27 weeks)-lying on the side is recommended
The uterus grows rapidly at this stage, and mothers need to learn to lie on their side. You can do it on the left or right side. Lying on your side can relieve a certain degree of dizziness and nausea.

3. Third trimester (after 28 weeks)-sleep on the left side

In the third trimester of pregnancy, special attention should be paid to the sleeping position. At this time, Feibao is already large enough. The uterus will cause some compression on the aorta and the inferior vena cava on the right side of the spine. The left side position can increase the placental blood flow and improve the fetus in the uterus. The oxygen supply status.

Why is it necessary to "lie on the left side" in the third trimester?

1. Improve the degree of right rotation of the uterus

The right-rotating uterus will stretch the blood vessels that provide nutrition to the uterus, and make the ligaments and mesangium that maintain the uterus under tension, which affects the blood supply of Feibao and may cause hypoxia. Lying on the left side can improve the degree of right rotation of the uterus to a certain extent and increase placental blood flow.

2. Reduce the compression of the uterus on the aorta

Ensure the blood supply to the placenta and provide the nutrients needed for the growth and development of Feibao.

3. Reduce the compression of the uterus on the inferior vena cava

It can increase the blood flow of the heart, thereby improving the blood supply to the brain tissue, which is beneficial to reduce or avoid the occurrence of pregnancy-induced hypertension.

4. Reduce gastric acid reflux

The developing fetus will compress the diaphragm, which can easily cause gastroesophageal reflux. Sleeping in a half-lying position to the left helps gravity keep the stomach acid in the stomach. It also protects the liver from compression.

5. Prevent poor breathing

Sleeping on the side can also prevent poor breathing caused by sleeping on your back, as well as the resulting apnea and snoring.

Mom needs to avoid this unsafe sleeping position for a long time

1. Lying on your back

When Bao Ma lies on her back, the enlarged uterus compresses the inferior vena cava, affecting blood circulation, causing edema or varicose veins in the lower limbs and vulva. It also reduces the amount of blood flowing back to the heart from the lower limbs, causing cerebral ischemia and hypoxia.

Therefore, Bao Ma must not lie on her back. In the supine position, the blood vessels will be twisted due to the dextrorotation of the uterus, and the delivery of nutrients will be blocked, so that Feibao can not get enough nutrition, and it is easy to cause hypoxia and poor growth of the fetus.

2. Prone position is not recommended

Generally, few people will use it. It is neither realistic nor possible to ask Baoma to lie on her stomach with her pregnant belly.

3. Bad sleeping habits also need to be avoided

For example, sleep with hands on pillows, sleep with your head covered, breathe with your mouth open, and sleep facing the wind.

Sleeping on the pillow and hands will affect the blood circulation of the upper limbs, cause numbness of the upper limbs, and increase the pressure in the abdominal cavity, which is not good for Feibao.

When you sleep with your head covered, the air in the quilt will become very poor, and the carbon dioxide content will increase significantly, which easily affects the oxygen supply of Tirebao.

Sleeping with your mouth open will inhale dust and other harmful substances in the air. Without the filter of your nose, cold wind will flow directly into your body from your mouth, which is not good for Baoma's health.

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