Let babies grow and develop under sports education

Let babies grow and develop under sports education

Aug 14, 2021XieYifang

What exercise can the baby do? What kind of exercises can you do if you want your baby to learn to walk early and walk steadily without affecting their bone development? The following three sports suitable for babies are recommended to parents, namely crawling, swimming and climbing.

Babies can't increase muscle strength like adults do bodybuilding, but they can get the strength they need to stand upright through the three exercises of crawling, climbing and swimming without skeletal deformities.


Baby sports education: climbing

Climbing: Let the baby climb a vertical ladder on both hands and feet. Babies who can't walk climb a vertical ladder? This is the question of most people, and biomechanics can answer this question correctly. When walking upright, the center of gravity of the person is above the supporting point of the foot, which is an unstable balance, while when climbing, the center of gravity of the person is under the grip of the hand, which is a stable balance. There is a grasping reflex in the early stage of infancy, the first and last rules of the baby's movement development, and the earlier development of the hand movement is conducive to climbing. The flexor muscles of the baby's upper limb shoulder straps are well developed when climbing, and the body is in a vertical posture to make the leg force closer to walking. Therefore, climbing the ladder alone has great significance for the baby to walk independently.

Baby's sports education: crawling

Crawling: It is the first long-distance movement of the baby's body. It not only allows the baby's whole body muscles to be exercised, but also allows the whole body's weight to be evenly distributed on the limbs without adversely affecting the bones. The heart is the pump of the blood circulation system of the human body. When the human body changes from lying to upright, the burden of the heart pump increases sharply, which is detrimental to the development of the heart. Studies have shown that the baby's heart develops better after the intermediate link of crawling. But the movement of crawling lacks the feeling of supporting the weight of the body by the feet, and it is not comprehensive in the exercise of muscle strength. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the climbing action from crawling to walking upright.

Baby exercise education method: swimming

Swimming: It is a kind of whole body exercise. Because the buoyancy of water acts evenly on the human body, swimming will not have an adverse effect on bone growth. The baby's instinct to hold their breath in the water can easily learn to swim. Another condition for standing upright is the ability to balance. Because upright human body is an unstable balance with the center of gravity higher than the fulcrum, we adults have formed a dynamic standing pattern due to long-term use of this posture, and feel that it is too easy to walk upright and does not require any balance ability. For babies, balance is an important condition for walking upright. Using the baby’s vestibular reflex and rotating exercises is a good way to improve the baby’s balance ability.

The best way to educate babies is what we often call "sports education", because "sports education" is very suitable for the growth and development of infancy. It is not only helpful for the baby's physical development, but also for the baby's intellectual development. It is helpful, and it can also develop a lively and cheerful personality for the baby. Exercise education makes babies healthier.

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