Games to improve language development

Games to improve language development

Sep 30, 2021XieYifang

There are some simple parent-child games that can help babies improve their language skills. Here is a brief introduction.

1. Face to face

Suitable stage: 0-3 months.

How to play: Parents pick up the baby, look at his (her) little face, and speak to him gently and slowly. Parents want him to see the changes in his mouth. Under the influence of relatives, the baby's mouth will move one by one, as if to talk to an adult. At this time, the parents continue to communicate with him. If the attitude is gentle and the face is kind, the baby may make a "hum, ha" sound.

Purpose: to stimulate the enthusiasm of the baby to communicate with others.


2. Recognize the five senses

Suitable stage: 4-8 months.

How to play: Find a doll with all facial features. First, teach the baby the name and location of the facial features. Then, when the adult says "eyes", the baby will refer to the doll's eyes. If things go on like this, the baby will accurately find the corresponding facial features on his parents' face and his own face.

Purpose: To enable the baby to establish a corresponding connection between the nouns of the five sense organs and the specific positions on the face, and to enrich his vocabulary.

3. Look at the picture to answer

Suitable stage: 9-12 months.

How to play: For example: Mom is going to tell the baby the story of cat and mouse. Need to prepare a series of pictures related to the story. The mother asked the baby: "Which is the cat?" The baby fingered the picture of the cat. The mother asked, "Who is the cat going to catch?" The baby pointed to the picture of the mouse again.

Purpose: Help your baby understand the common things in daily life and teach him to use body language.

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