Home appliances for mothers and babies give children a better life

Home appliances for mothers and babies give children a better life

Jul 08, 2021XieYifang

As the generations born in the 80s and 90s become parents, they are more accepting of new parenting concepts and are more willing to use new products and new technologies to help them better take care of the next generation. This has given birth to the rapid growth of the maternal and child home appliance market. Industry statistics show that since 2008, the annual growth rate of my country's maternal and child home appliances market has exceeded 200%. Coupled with the liberalization of the "single second child" policy and the compensatory birth peak, the total sales of domestic maternal and child home appliances are expected to be expected this year. With a breakthrough of 8 billion yuan, maternal and baby home appliances that originally belonged to the category of small home appliances have become a new category of home appliances. However, Lu Renbo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, said that there are currently no unified production standards and related regulatory documents and regulations for small household appliances for mothers and children in my country, and many quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, consumers are advised to fully consider brand reputation when purchasing. Degree and product safety. So what are the safe and reliable home appliances for mothers and babies to choose from on the market?

Midea "Children Star" Air Conditioner

Midea launched a new air-conditioning product "Kids Star" specially developed for children's sleep in the cold year of 2015. Different from ordinary air conditioners, the appearance of the children's air conditioner adopts the blue of the prince model and the pink of the princess model, and the shape is more rounded and cute. The design of the remote control also adopts the cartoon pattern of "Stupid White Bear". In terms of function, this air conditioner has a unique anti-cold function. The thermopile infrared sensor can detect the change of the child's body temperature. When the child kicks the quilt, the air conditioner will automatically adjust the operating conditions, and the humidity, wind direction, and wind speed will change. , When the sensor measures that the indoor lights are turned off, the air conditioner will automatically turn off the display, lower the buzzer sound, and reduce the wind speed to create a sleeping environment suitable for children.

Grownsy Baby Food Maker

This is a product that integrates various functions of muddying, juicing and steaming, and one-stop solution to the baby's complementary food production problem. Unlike most baby mixers that are only designed for infants aged 0-3 and have a single function, this product is specially designed for children aged 0-6. It is made of food-grade stainless steel and replaced by high-temperature glass. Traditional plastic material, with multi-knife head design, equipped with knife heads for squeezing fresh juice, beating fine mud, grinding grain flour, and combinations, whether it is grinding grain flour, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, or stirring vegetable puree, fish puree, or even minced meat , Smashed vegetables, can be easily made.

Grownsy baby food maker-positive

Samsung "baby-friendly cooking" washing machine

This Korean original imported washing machine not only inherits the "high temperature cooking and washing" technology of the first generation of baby-friendly washing machines, but also further refines it according to the type of baby clothes. Three different cooking and washing modes are uniquely designed: for dirty clothes such as diapers and handkerchiefs, the powerful cooking and washing mode at 90°C can be used; for towels and ordinary cotton underwear, the daily cooking and washing mode at 70°C can be used. High-end infant clothing such as organic cotton can be washed in warm water at 40°C. In order to ensure that there are no detergent residues in baby clothes, Samsung has further optimized the rinsing performance. The baby’s clothes are washed by a powerful rotating water stream, and at the same time, it is convenient to add 6 rinsing processes, avoiding repeated operations and thoroughly removing detergent residues.

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