How should Bao Dad take the child's correct operation

How should Bao Dad take the child's correct operation

Jul 14, 2021XieYifang

Who is taking care of your child? Everyone thinks that taking care of your child is a woman’s business, so the child is crying and unhappy. The first time you look for your mother, not your father, do you know why this is the case? Didn’t you hurt the child? In fact, it’s because the father has less contact with the child, so the child finds the closest mother. There are many families in the above example. Not only one family, let’s take a look at Bao Dad today. How to take the child's correct operation!

1. Don't play with mobile phones

Bao Dad’s company is very important to children. If you want to have a close relationship with your children, you need to ensure your company every day. But during the company you may be bored as an adult, and you often pick up your mobile phone to watch. This way of operation is wrong, so that the child thinks the phone is more important than him, so don't play with the phone while taking care of the child.

2. Emotion adjustment

Children are all playful. They don’t know what they can and cannot do. When children do bad things, they shouldn’t scold or beat them out loud. They should control their emotions. Some dads in families see As soon as the child does something wrong, he immediately scolds the child constantly, so that the child’s psychology will be affected. There was a case where the parent often scolded the child, causing the child to grow up and become autistic and unwilling to talk to others. Contact, so the mistakes that a father should guide his children cannot be solved by cursing.

3. Play with your children

Playing with your child is the best way. It can not only educate the child, but also enhance the relationship between father and son (female). You have to integrate into the child's world. No matter what the child wants to play, although the things you play may feel naive, it is for the child It is a very happy thing, especially for those who often work outside and don’t have time to accompany their children, they should accompany their children more and give them a good childhood.


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