Ranking of the least practical baby products

Ranking of the least practical baby products

Jul 14, 2021XieYifang

All kinds of beautiful baby clothes, all kinds of baby products, all kinds of food and clothing, and the baby products at home are piled up in a pile. When my mother sorted out the baby’s belongings at a certain time, she found out that she had bought a bunch of things that the baby didn’t need or even used, and it was worth a lot of money. So, which baby products are the least practical? The editor compiled a ranking of the least practical baby products based on what mothers have always said. Which baby products are on the list? Let's take a look at them all quickly.

1. Pacifier

Sucking is a baby’s innate, the only way of expression besides crying. Parents often see the baby sucking on the teat but not milking or sucking on the fingers. This is actually the baby comforting themselves. For the sake of hygiene and safety, mothers usually buy one or several pacifiers for their babies, but the result is...

Mom Qi: I don’t know if other babies like the pacifier. My daughter doesn’t want to use it. I put it in and spit it out. I would rather suck her little finger. After trying many times, I still didn’t... The hateful thing is that I just touched it. I went to the store for promotion and bought a whole set... Now I can only make her a toy.

Ying Bao's mother: My Bao has a soft spot for pacifiers, but the end result is that when she is a little older and still has a pacifier in her mouth, other mothers look weird. Now I give him a pacifier, crying as soon as I take it away, it annoys me to death, I knew I would not buy it...

Editor's comment: It seems that the use of pacifiers has pros and cons. If you are considering using a pacifier for your baby or the mother who is using it, please pay attention. Experts suggest that the use of pacifiers should not be over 2 years old. If the baby is more than 2 years old and still refuses to give up the pacifier, it is mostly because the baby has too little contact with things and lack of companionship, so it is right to find more friends for the baby.

2. Sleeve, small apron

These baby products are naturally designed to prevent babies from drooling and dirty their hands. But is it really that convenient in real life? Let's listen to what the mothers have to say.

Real mother: To be honest, it really does not let the baby drool everywhere. But for the mother, it is more painful, it is not as convenient as changing clothes.


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