How to control the temperature of the baby's milk?

How to control the temperature of the baby's milk?

Jun 18, 2021XieYifang

The temperature of making milk for the baby is too high. Firstly, it is afraid that the baby will be scalded. Secondly, the high temperature will decompose and destroy the nutrients in the milk powder. And the temperature is too low, the baby is easy to get sick after drinking. To master the proper milk temperature, parents can feel it with their hands and cheeks.

Too high milk temperature will scald the baby, and too low milk temperature will stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, cause diarrhea, and affect the absorption of nutrients. How to master the right milk temperature? Here are two methods for you.

Wrist sensation: The temperature of the wrist is much more sensitive than the back of the hand, so you can try to put a few drops of milk on the wrist first. If the skin on the wrist feels that the milk drops are not cold or warm or slightly warm, it means that the milk temperature is similar to the body temperature. , The milk temperature is appropriate.   

Feeling on the cheek: Shake the milk bottle with milk, and stick it on the cheek after a while. If it does not feel hot or cold, it means that it is close to body temperature and can be used for feeding.

Tips for pro-friends: Adults should not try the temperature of milk or other foods with their mouths, otherwise the bacteria in the mouth will be brought to the nipple and food.

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