To make milk powder, put water or milk powder first

To make milk powder, put water or milk powder first

Jun 18, 2021XieYifang

To prepare milk powder, water is usually added first and then the milk powder is added. It has nothing to do with nutrition, because the mistakes caused by putting the water first and then the milk powder will be smaller. If you put too much or too little water, you can adjust the amount of water in time, and then add milk powder, so that the ratio of water to milk powder will not be uneven. If you put milk powder first, it may be too much or too little when you pour in the water. If it is too little, you can add a little water. If it is too much, it will be difficult to handle. Therefore, when making milk powder, parents must first add water and then milk powder!

What is the right temperature for the baby's milk

The baby's feeding temperature is kept at about 40 degrees. It can be forty degrees in winter, and 37 octaves in summer is more suitable. Too high milk temperature will destroy the nutrients in the milk powder, which is not good for the baby's growth and development. If the water temperature is too low, the baby will easily cause diarrhea and indigestion if the baby eats cold milk powder. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the water temperature when preparing milk powder for their babies. It is more convenient to use the bottle warmer to warm the milk with more temperature display.

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What is the right temperature for the baby's milk powder

The water temperature of the baby's milk powder is around 50 degrees Celsius. When the milk powder is brewed, shake the milk powder and put it on for the baby. At this time, the temperature is just right. Of course, many parents will not use a thermometer to measure the water temperature when making milk powder, so it is recommended that parents buy a thermostat water bottle, because the baby drinks milk frequently a day, parents set the thermostat water bottle temperature at about 45 degrees, and then brew After the milk powder, you can drink it directly to your baby.

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