What kind of pacifier is made of good material

What kind of pacifier is made of good material

Jun 18, 2021XieYifang

For the baby’s care, many parents will use different products. As a common soothing product for the baby, many parents will use it for their children. Especially when the baby is sleeping, the pacifier can play a very good role in helping. Sleeping function, because many babies cry before going to bed, and when the baby sucks, the mood can be comforted. Therefore, the pacifier brings a lot of convenience to the mothers.

However, as a product used in the baby's mouth, its quality and safety have become the most important issues for mothers. The material of the pacifier is very important to the baby's health. What is the best material for the pacifier? If you are still wondering what kind of pacifier to buy, this article will completely end your entanglement.

What kind of pacifier is made of good material

1. Latex pacifier

The most natural and environmentally friendly material among pacifiers is latex. Latex pacifiers show a light yellow color in performance. The pacifiers of this material are also the most suitable for mothers’ nipples. They are more flexible and extensible. Big advantage, but the biggest disadvantage of latex pacifiers is that they cannot adapt to large temperature differences. The latex material is relatively soft, and large temperature differences are easy to age the pacifier;

2. Silicone pacifier

In addition to latex pacifiers, we also commonly have silicone pacifiers. The color of silicone pacifiers is transparent and does not contain special odors. The pacifiers made of this material are also close to the mother’s nipple. The top is the strongest. The softness and fineness of the pacifier are relatively moderate, and it can quickly adapt to large temperature changes. The biggest disadvantage is that the silicone material is relatively fragile and easy to be bitten by the baby;

How to choose a pacifier suitable for your baby?

1. First, the mother needs to choose the shape of the pacifier that needs to be close to the mother's nipple, and choose a pacifier that is not easy to fall, such as an integrated non-slip pacifier;

Secondly, you need to choose a pacifier with a relatively large stomata, and avoid contact with the baby's skin, but the most important thing about what kind of pacifier is what the baby likes;

2. The baby's pacifier needs to be replaced regularly, usually it takes about one month to two months to replace it. The pacifier also has a fixed period of use. It is best not to use it for the baby after this period;

In the process of use, mothers need to carefully check whether there are cracks or breakages on the nipple to prevent the baby's mouth from being scratched.

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