The truth about babies struggling, struggling, kicking, and crying

The truth about babies struggling, struggling, kicking, and crying

Sep 14, 2021XieYifang

Many novice mothers are in a hurry when facing some situations of their children and don’t know what to do

Maybe many mothers have discovered such a situation. The baby may kick and cry when breastfeeding, but I don’t know why, often the rushing coaxing does not achieve the desired effect

In fact, we only need to understand the reasons for the baby's crying, and then we can solve the problem of the baby's crying and crying!

Today, Mr. Shao will give you some answers. The reason why babies are crying while eating, kicking and kicking, come and have a look


Newborns are kicking, struggling, crying?

Not enough to eat

Because the flow of breast milk is bursts, the baby is a little anxious when there is no, so he will struggle, in fact, he is protesting, why is there no milk? At this time, it is easy to inhale air, and the baby is easy to vomit. It is recommended to massage your breasts with your hands every time you want to eat milk.


If the baby is not full, he will struggle if he eats too quickly! To comfort the baby, tell him stories, divert attention, and continue to eat when the baby has milk!

Want to poop or fart

Because the baby’s stomach is horizontal and has a small capacity, the cardia connecting the esophagus is wider, the closing effect is poor, and the pylorus connecting the small intestine is tight, so it is easy to have a bowel movement or to fart vigorously.


Sometimes the baby is sleepy and has trouble sleeping. At this time, the mother should hug the baby or use other methods to take the baby to sleep.

Wrong feeding posture

This is the most likely problem for novice mothers, because they have no experience, so no matter what it is, it is in a groping stage.

Feeding posture is more important. If you do not master the correct posture, it will not only make your baby feel very uncomfortable, but may also cause the baby to choke on the milk. Incorrect breastfeeding posture may cause the baby to cry while eating, kicking and crying, so you must adjust your breastfeeding posture in time! Avoid causing some bad results to your baby!

Is the baby struggling, struggling, kicking, crying? Don't lose your temper, it's not your baby's fault!

Baby is uncomfortable

For example, is the nose blocked? The baby cries when drinking, sometimes because the nose is blocked and the breathing is not smooth!


Give your baby a hug.

Sometimes the baby needs you to hold him. If you don’t hold him, he himself makes a ah-ah sound desperately there. In fact, these are all he deliberately made to make you pay attention to him. If there is nothing, you just hold the baby, he Will be very happy.

Don't want to eat or hungry

The reason you are struggling with milk is because he still doesn't want to eat, you don't have to force him to eat, if you keep trying to force him to eat, he will of course cry.


Struggling with breastfeeding, struggling, kicking, crying? Don't lose your temper, it's not your baby's fault! Learn a little bit of parenting knowledge every day to make parenting easier~

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