How to set the time for children to use electronic products?

How to set the time for children to use electronic products?

Sep 13, 2021XieYifang

1. 1-3 years old: try not to let children touch their mobile phones

The child's retina does not develop well until the age of 12. Before that, it is necessary to minimize contact with mobile phone electronic products.

The more children are exposed to electronic products (mobile games/TV) at the age of 2 or 3, the more likely they are to have attention disorders (such as ADHD) at the age of 7 or 8.


Parents try not to play with their mobile phones in front of their children, interact more with their children, and actively update their toys.

Parents refuse to download any games on their mobile phones, in case their children are addicted to the games and ask for them to play.

If children are curious about mobile phones, they can demonstrate to them making phone calls, making voices, taking photos, etc., so as to establish a correct understanding of the use of mobile phones.

2.3-6 years old: Try not to let children touch mobile games

In order to keep their children clean, many parents occasionally leave their children to the "care" of mobile games.

But children aged 3-6 are still young and lack self-control. Once exposed to the game, I was extremely addicted.

Therefore, children of this age can properly contact mobile phones, such as letting children know that mobile phones can be used for basic purposes such as making calls, chatting with people, and video, but they must stay away from mobile games.


The mobile phones of parents and family members are de-entertained, that is, games, music, videos, and other apps that will attract children are deleted. Even if a child wants to play with a mobile phone, apart from flipping through albums and taking pictures, he will not find it interesting, and naturally they will not keep their parents asking for mobile phones to play.

Actively cultivate children's reading habits and read children's picture books with them. (The color and story of picture books are also quite attractive to children. As long as children love to read, they will hardly think about playing with mobile phones.)

Enrich children's life experiences, take them out to experience nature, and encourage children to make more friends.

3.7-12 years old: It is not advisable to strongly suppress mobile phone problems

Children at this age have entered the second stage of psychological rebellion, which is the child rebellious period.

Children in the rebellious period have a strong sense of self and independence, and become stubborn and short-tempered. Sometimes it makes sense to make parents speechless.

Faced with children who are addicted to mobile phones, many parents often use their parental status to force them (I said that if you don’t play, you won’t play/If you play again, you will have no food to eat/If you play again, you will hit you); Abandoned/played again will be disliked).

These two methods do more harm than good. If things go on like this, it will not only severely damage the parent-child relationship, but also increase children's dependence and addiction to mobile phones.

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