How to store sterilized baby bottles?

How to store sterilized baby bottles?

Sep 06, 2021XieYifang

Bottle feeding is not a patent for formula-feeding babies. Many breastfeeding mothers also choose to pump out their breast milk and then bottle-feed them. How to store sterilized baby bottles is an issue that cannot be ignored.

It is very important to clean the feeding bottle properly, because the baby's immune system is still not fully developed and the bacteria in the dirty feeding bottle can easily make them sick. In order to ensure the safety and health of your baby, you need to take it seriously. How to store sterilized baby bottles? Let the editor and you go to find out!

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The boiled and sterilized baby bottles should be placed in a hygienic environment and air-dried naturally. After cleaning, all parts of the baby bottle should be thoroughly rinsed under hot tap water to remove foam or residual soap. Or after sterilizing with a Baby Bottle Sterilizer! Place these parts on the bottle drying rack, and place the bottle rack in a well-ventilated place to allow the water to drain completely. A baby bottle that has been in a damp state for a long time can become moldy or breed fungi. Natural air drying is a good disinfection method. Store it in a sealed fresh-keeping box and store it in the refrigerator. It should be noted that before use, it needs to be taken out in advance and placed at a temperature close to room temperature before use. Using the electronic steam sterilizer, the baby bottle can be kept in the sterilizer for use when needed. Sterilize it in a microwave oven, then dry it, put it in a sealed box, and use it as it is. In fact, it will only take a long time at most, and it will definitely be used up. Packing a baby bottle every day is like assembling a weapon!

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