What is the function of the bottle straw?

What is the function of the bottle straw?

Sep 06, 2021XieYifang

Every kind of bottle is good and bad. When the baby is a certain age, many parents will be recommended to buy a straw bottle for the baby. As for why, many parents are not very clear. Its practical straw feeding bottle is very important to exercise the baby's ability. What is the function of the bottle straw? Let the editor and you go to find out!

After the baby grows up to a certain age, using a straw bottle to drink milk can increase the child's strength, strengthen the oral movement ability, and exercise his lung capacity and hands-on ability.

The main functions of the straw in the milk bottle are as follows:

First, the baby can drink milk in a variety of positions. A bottle without a straw can only let the baby raise his head to suck the milk, but most of the time the baby will not lie quietly. Leakage of milk has occurred. While drinking milk with a straw, you can drink milk by holding the bottle in your hand, which can reduce the requirements for posture and drink milk with peace of mind.

Second, it can prevent flatulence and choking milk. With a straw, the baby can drink milk directly from the straw. When drinking milk, the straw is completely filled with milk. When drinking milk, the milk can be inhaled completely without inhaling air. , Can effectively prevent flatulence. This way the baby will not hiccup or return to milk.

Third, you can exercise your baby's body. When drinking with a straw, the mouth must have a certain ability to suck, and it can exercise the suction of the mouth. Generally, when the baby is drinking milk, the baby will hold the bottle to drink, so it can also exercise. Coordination of hands and mouth.

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