How to Transition Your Baby from Bottle to Sippy Cup

How to Transition Your Baby from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Jun 03, 2021XieYifang


Whether you have been solely bottle feeding or have been doing a combination of bottle feeding and breastfeeding, if it’s about time to transition from bottle to sippy cup, you may be wondering where to start. 

Below are some top tips to help you with this transition, as well as some recommended sippy cups. 

Weaning Method of Transitioning from Bottle to Sippy Cup

There are two main methods for transitioning your child to a sippy cup: 1) weaning and 2) cold turkey (discussed below). First, some top tips if you choose to go the weaning route.


Introduce your child to a sippy cup when you introduce solid foods. During each feeding you can occasionally tip the spout of the cup to their mouth so they learn what it’s for and how it works. 

While your child won’t drink a whole lot at the beginning, you’ll be helping him or her develop the skills needed to successfully transition to the cup in the near future. 


Since silicone spouts offer a flexible feel that’s familiar to the mouths of bottle-fed babies, sippy cups designed with this type of spout are ideal to start with. The baby bottle warmer was created specifically for this early stage of transitioning from a bottle to a cup!


While water is best for your baby and is what should be given most of the time, when initially introducing a sippy cup, filling it with some diluted juice can make it more appealing than flavorless water. This can make a big difference and be what encourages your child to start using the cup. 

Once your baby has gotten the hang of how the sippy cup works, you can go back to offering just water with meals.  


After your child has been using the sippy cup successfully, you can use it to completely replace the bottle at regular bottle-feeding times by filling it with formula. 


Alternative to Weaning: Cold Turkey

If you want a speedier transition than weaning and are willing to deal with the initial stress that may come, you can opt to go cold turkey. With this method, you get rid of all bottles at once and completely transition to sippy cups overnight. 

Yes, this method is more of a hassle, but will result in a much faster transition. 

The Most Important Factor For Success: Follow Through

No matter which method you choose, the most important thing you can do for a successful transition from bottle to sippy cup is to be consistent and follow through (as with many things in parenting – and in life!), especially when it gets really tough and you want to throw in the towel. Stick with it and your child will be happily sipping independently before you know it!


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